YouTube 2.0 App for iOS Released With Updated Design

Recently, Google announced that the company has officially launched version 2.0 of its YouTube app for iOS available in App Store. The new update brings multiple attractive features coming from Android.

YouTube 2.0 for iOS offers a tweaked user interface, new icon and the well-debated picture-in-picture feature to the mobile client. The picture-in-picture feature allows users to keep watching a video while browsing or searching for another one. Since it was a popular feature for other third-party clients such as FoxTube, with YouTube 2.0, the player can be dismissed with a tap on an arrow button or a swipe down directly on the video player.

YouTube 2.0 for iOS Released with Updated Design

On iPhone and iPad, when dismissing the player, an attractive animation and transition quickly sends the video down to the bottom of the screen, where there is the possibility to enlarge it, or swipe it away to close it.

Moreover, the updated version offers extended support for enhanced TVs and Google’s Chromecast dongle. This means that now, it is easier than ever to get YouTube videos off a device and onto the big screen. So far, iPhone owners had this capability with AirPlay.

Another exciting feature is represented by the ability to search for and watch playlists. With a “play all” button, users can back-to-back view of all videos within those playlists. Playlists are helpful for those who gather multiple favorite videos to watch all at the same time.

As a general aspect, the improved animations of the app are much responsive than the previous version, and users can enjoy multiple new transitions, translucency effects and subtle interface hints. All these aspects make the navigation through the platform faster and fluid.

Basically, the updated app removed several textures and graphical elements in exchange of a more subdued design with a focus on colors. Now, users are able to notice the red color for selections, gray for the sidebar, whitespace for navigations and search results. As it was mentioned earlier, YouTube 2.0 gives a higher level of transparency, gestures and animations.

In the same time, along with the release of YouTube 2.0 with support for iOS, Google has announced that it is working on improving its HTLM5 Web app. This app allows users to watch their own content. Apparently, the big search engine is getting ready for the well-awaited iOS 7 update scheduled on September 10.

For those who are interested, YouTube 2.0 with support for iOS is available for download within the Apple’s App Store and it is free of charge.

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