Yahoo Reveals New iOS App with Summly Technology Integrated

Yahoo has recently launched a new version of its famous mobile app with support for iOS devices. The app brings a redefined interface and integration of popular news summarization service, Summly, technology.

In March, Yahoo purchased Summly app for an estimated $30 million in order to integrate it into its own app portfolio. The app can now be seen in Yahoo’s mobile search technology on all smart devices. As a mention, Summly is a popular news summarization service, which uses a natural language algorithm in order to summarize news stores into bits fewer than 400 characters. With a minimalist interface, users can easily swipe between news and topics and navigate through interest list much easily.Yahoo app on iOS

With Yahoo integration, Summly offers users the possibility to view quick summaries of news stores in the user’s feed. In this way, users are now able to personalize the story feeds based on their personal interests. Moreover, the user has the ability to select topics more appropriate to its needs. The new app is supposed to show improved search both for videos and images, and users will find the possibility to select topics of interest and flag those who are not needed.

What it is quite outstanding is the fact that Yahoo integrated Summly within its famous mobile app with increased speed. Such a thing, which would normally take some months before it would become perfectly functional, was integrated and developed in a successful manner within the already mentioned update in less than a month.

Recently, Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer tried to bond even stronger with Apple in order to deliver deeper integration between their products. This particular integration will probably be seen as Yahoo News app with a notable focus on Siri, the personal assistant.

Previously, Yahoo tried to offer personalized news on iOS devices with its Livestand app. The app was meant to create a custom magazine for iPad users based on their interests. However, the app encountered some flaws and Summly represented the solution. With customized news stories based on user’s interests, Summly is expected to go along with Yahoo on the long ride.

It is worth mentioning the fact that Yahoo update with Summly integration is available starting today, and it is designed for U.S. users only. The new Yahoo app version is available in the App Store. For all users interested in updating their Yahoo mobile service, the update is only 15.9 MP, and it is compatible with iPhone 3GS or above, iPod Touch 3rd generation or above and the iPad. In the same time, the update requires a device running on iOS 5.1 or later.


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