“Why iPhone” Campaign – Apple’s Defensive to Compete with Rivals

A new Apple ad campaign posted on the Apple website represents a response to the recent release of Samsung Galaxy S4. Apple considered releasing a new ad, which focuses on the main advantages and features of their products.

The ad starts with a suggestive guideline ”There’s iPhone. Then there’s everything else”, which places the Apple handset above any other handset released by its rivals. The ad also includes various shots displaying the 12 reasons why iPhone is superior in the Smartphone market.

Why iPhone Campaing ad

The first advantage invoked within the “Why iPhone” campaign refers to the aluminum case of the iPhone which is made with the “precision of a finely crafted watch” compared to the rest of devices with plastic casing. In the same time, the in-built battery of the iPhone is also mentioned in the plea, offering a major benefit. On the other hand, the Retina display of the iPhone is considered to be one of the most important reasons why people choose to stick with such a device.

Another notable reason why users should choose iPhone instead of any other Android handset available on the market is the fact that Apple hosts more than 800,000 apps, which are malware protected by Apple developers who keep an eye on each app or tweak added on the App Store. Compared to the dangerous browsing of the Android market, App Store seems to be the right place where you can find useful and safe apps to install on your iPhone. In order to attest its sayings, Apple also suggests the fact that other mobile platforms are vulnerable to developer frustration and security risks, which endanger each handset.

Apple “Why iPhone” Campaign to Fight Back S4 Release?

Some critics suggest that the whole purpose of this add is to fight back against the Samsung Galaxy S4 release. The Android handset was released a few days ago, and it brought certain new features, which might be considered a threat for the next iPhone. However, in order to compete with all those interesting and funny Samsung ads, Apple needed to approach a different manner when building new ads.

The battle between Samsung and Apple is on the go, moreover now, when Apple has dropped a few percents in what concerns the worldwide Smartphone shipping. While Samsung delivered 212 million smartphones in 2012, Apple sold only 136 million products.

Through this ad, Apple wanted to reveal the power of their devices by using some subtle arguments while focusing on the A6 processor, 4G skills and camera. The “Why iPhone” campaign highlights the most important reasons why people should choose the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S instead of any other Smartphone available on the market.

The new iPhone 5S planned to be released this year must be amazing and extraordinary in order to compete with all those flagships revealed by Android and Windows Phone. After all, any of the Apple products offer all those great new features promoted by its rivals.

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