Walmart’s “Scan & Go” Program for iPhone Users

Walmart Stores Inc. is famous for its programs designed for customers. Now, in its alliance with the Fruit Company, Walmart allows users to checkout using their iPhones. With the help of the Scan & Go program, customers will scan their products with their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and pay at self-checkout counters.

Scan & Go for iPhone

The program was in trial since it was first introduced in late 2012 in Bentonville, Ark. At this point, the program runs in more than 70 stores, but soon it will be available in more than 200 hundred stores. This is a small number compared to the total number of Walmart Stores available in the whole U.S, which is more than 4,000 stores.

The number of customers using smart devices reached more than half and the program appears to be quite successful. However, until now, Walmart offers support only for Apple devices, but it is expected to release an Android version as well.

Through the Scan & Go system, the great retailer makes shopping more convenient and easy for those who are using smartphones. The program allows shoppers to scan bar codes for each item they want to purchase by using the Walmart app on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. In this way, they shopping will be more comfortable and convenient because they will be able to keep track of what they have bought and how much they are allowed to spend. At the end, customers might ask for the total cost of their shopping list. When they are done, they pay at a self-checkout screen, without having to stay in line for the regular payment method. This will save them money and time.

According to Walmart, almost half of their customers used the Scan & Go program more than once. Perhaps at first it was pure curiosity, but when they return on using the program once more, things turn out to be successful.

Since the program shows a great success among customers, Walmart plans to take the Scan & Go program to another 2,500 stores. For now, more than 1,500 Walmart stores have self-checkout lanes. Walmart expanded its pilot test program to the most important cities in U.S.

Customers who use the Scan & Go program to calculate their shopping items and who choose to pay at a self-checkout lane can ask for an electronic receipt, as well as the paper one. However, most customers choose to pay the classic way, instead of using one of available apps within their iDevices to make things easier. As a mention, Walmart suggested that some digital coupons might arrive any time soon.

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