View Status Bar Tweak for iOS Devices in Full Screen Apps

Many users consider the iPhone screen to small compared with other smartphones on the market. In this respect, Apple developers try to offer us multiple apps with a full screen feature in order to use the screen at its maximum power. I am speaking about different apps and not games, because games are in full screen for most devices. This thing is useful in some case, but sometimes, it can be quite annoying since you have to exit the full screen to see incoming notifications or even the time. Now, you can view the Status bar for iOS device in full screen apps with a single swipe down move.

StatusTab for Full Screen apps

This improvement is more than welcomed since you do not have to exit your running app in order to view the status bar or all new notifications. StatusTab can help you if you encounter this issue. Once you install this amazing yet simple tweak, you will be able to swipe down to see the status bar without exiting the app you use. Since it is that useful and simple, we wonder why Apple did not make it a native iOS app.

However, if you want to use and enjoy StatusTab, all you have to do is to visit Cydia Store and to download it free of charge. Install it on your device and see how it will ease all things for you. You know that in normal full screen, if you swipe down, you will see the NC grabber who will last a couple of seconds on your screen and afterwards, the Notification Center will appear. With StatusTab, you will see the Notification Center directly to check the battery level, time or any other incoming notifications. Using this tweak, the Notification Center will last a couple of seconds on the screen and then it will roll up. You will have enough time to see all changes.

Moreover, with the help of this simple tweak, you will be able to change the tint of the Status bar. Go to Settings, in the StatusTab menu and tap on the Style section. You have multiple options available such as Default, Black Opaque and Black Translucent. Choose the one that suits you better. Here, you can also choose to enable or to disable the StatusTab tweak is you want your old look back. Just to remember you, StatusTab tweak is a free app and you can download it from Cydia, in the BigBoss repo.

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