USPTO Granted Apple iOS App Folders and “Jiggle Mode” UI Patent

Apple was granted the patent of implementing app folders in iOS as well as including its already-known signature icon “jiggle mode”, which users might see when trying to rearrange the users interface.

The towering Cupertino-based company first used the patent called” Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing folders” on its iOS 4 and the application described the key methods required to rearrange app icons in mobile operating system. The application also suggested the fact that app icon manipulation is related to creating, rearranging and managing folders within the operating system interface.

iOS Folders and jiggle mode UI Patent

According to the respective document, users will be able to perform the desired folder modification in only a few steps and less time. In the same time, the document stated the fact that changing and modifying the aspect of folders might represent a difficult and time-consuming task for users. In this respect, the patent application for the iOS app folders and “jiggle mode” invention was meant to ease this job and make folder rearrangement much easier and simpler.

Since the system was launched back in 2010, users were not able to see many changes around the folders enhancements and UI animations. As the patent points out, for moving or arranging certain folders and icons, the user selects the respective item, and he taps on it until it starts to jiggle. The jiggle mode offers multiple options such as folder creation, rearrangements of icons within various folders or to moving folders to different screens.

The UI object detection has changes, and it offers the possibility to create different folders automatically. For example, when users drag an icon over another one, the iOS creates a folder within the first app, and it displays an animation that suggests the fact that a new folder is being created. For the latest iOS version, this process is represented by a blinking container around the target. Once the user removes its finger from the screen, the desired app will be moved in the selected folder, which will receive an automatically generated name. As everybody already knows, the folder will show small app icons displaying what lays within it.

As concerning the object detection, the patent suggests that users can drag an icon to the margins of the sensitive display, forcing the device to move to the next page of icons in order to move the respective app icon. In the same time, the object detection works pretty well when trying to move multiple icons. The feature will find a suitable place to move two or three adjacent icons in a similar area or space.

The patent also described multiple other icon features in what concerns their movement, arrangement and reconstruction of pages. The iOS app folder and “jiggle mode” patent was filled in September 2010, and Imran Chaudhri was its inventor.

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