Unique Device IDs No Longer Approved by Apple

Starting with May 1, Apple will no longer approve all new apps and app updates that access UDID. The deadline was set in order to stop users’ associations with certain links, and in this respect, all unique devices IDs will no longer be approved by Apple.

UDIDs removed by Apple

In the past, Apple already asked developers from removing the unique device identifiers also known as UDIDs, but until now, the Fruit Company has not set a fixed date for this process. A few days ago, Apple announced that the App Store will no longer accept new apps or app updates that access UDIDs. The Cupertino Company advised developers to update their apps and servers in order to associate users with the Vendor or Advertising identifiers introduced along with the latest iOS 6.

Apple reacts by removing all freedom between the developer and its customers because the company was spotted on a wrong foot when their privacy was under risk. These UDIDs represent a real connection between users and developers since the device identification system offers a piece of iOS hardware, which can be linked to a certain user.

Last year, Apple already started blocking some particular apps that used the device identification system. This is a measure taken after some hackers released more than a million UDIDs, which were connected with names, addresses and personal information. Apparently, this was possible by accessing an FBI laptop, which contained all these details. However, Apple dropped support for this system of identification when they released the first version of iOS 6, back in September.

For you to have a better acknowledgement of what UDID means, let me tell you a few things. Personal data such as location, Facebook profile and other personal information can le linked to a user through multiple databases. After all these details are gathered in one place, they can form the identity of an individual.

From May 1, Apple will officially reject all iOS apps that make use of unique ID, also called UDID in order to build a user’s profile in advertising purposes. In the same time, Apple also asks for all apps and updates to be designed for iOS devices with Retina display, such as phoned 4S or phoned 5; moreover now, when most Apple devices are built with Retina display.

As an alternative, Apple proposed the fact that developers have to make use of other identifiers such as their personal IDFA also called Identifier for advertising, which is inbuilt within the latest iOS 6.

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