Twitter Updates Mac App with Notification Center Integration

Twitter, the famous microblogging platform has recently released an updated Mac app with built-in Notification Center Integration along with a system wide two-factor authentication solution for increasing the account’s security.

The updated version of the social platform offers a designed login verification process, which was meant to offer increased protection and security for people’s accounts. The login verification process is a form of two-factor authentication that requires users to enter a special PIN along with their normal password. The respective PIN code will be received within a text message when required by the user.

Twitter updated Mac app

As it was expected, Twitter’s new updated version was designed mostly to ensure a clean and secure login process for all users who want to maintain their account away from hackers and curious eyes. Along with the increased security aspect, Twitter plans to add another layer of protection, while multiple users complained about cracked accounts.

While resembling with Google’s two-step security implementation, third-party apps that are directly connected with Twitter will continue to work without any other special settings adjustment. However, once users log out of an app, they need to visit the Applications page on in order to retrieve a temporary password, which will reassure them the access over the app.

According to the release note, the Notification Center integration allows users to receive notifications when someone mentions in a comment or tweet, or when users receive a direct message. This setting can be configured directly from the app’s Preferences window.

In the same time, the update also includes other notable changes and improvements. For example, the update brings a bug fix for Growl notifications that are not working in Lion and Mountain Lion operating systems. Another bug fix mentioned in the release note suggests that the update fixes the bug that prevented un-favoriting tweets.

Alternatively, Twitter update offers fix for missing account switcher in composer, fix for error message when posting a tweet with a pasted image, fix for enlarged avatar when dragging a tweet into an email as well as a fix for crashed and various other bugs.

In case users are interested in updating their beloved social platform in order to keep in touch with the latest version, Twitter’s updated version for Mac with Notification Center Integration and the rest of the improvements can be found within the Mac App Store. The update comes at 4.8 MB, and it is free for download.

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