Twitter Takes Control Over Social in iOS 7

The new integrations within the latest operating system unveiled by Apple at the WWDC 2013 reveal the fact that Twitter has become an important part, and an intelligent content provider for iOS device owners.

On the other hand, Facebook seems less relevant since there is no support for Mark Zuckerberg’s social platform. With a highlighted and repeated favoritism, Apple decided to empower Twitter with a different social experience within the iOS 7 while offering new features and options for its 600 million iOS device owners.

During its annual Worldwide Developer Conference 2013, the Cupertino-based company finally revealed its well-awaited iOS 7, the next-generation mobile operating system that offers a new way of thinking around design.

Twitter integration within iOS 7

The new improved version offers a completely altered appearance while featuring a new ControlCenter, improved multitasking, iTunes Radio, better camera and Photos apps and even an upgraded Safari browser.

As it was expected, Twitter was a part of the release note, having been upgraded from a regular social platform to an intelligent content provider. In the past, the micro blogging network received system-level integration in 2011 along with the release of iOS 5. At that time, Twitter tripled its number of iOS users. On the other hand, Facebook also received the same treatment in 2012. Now, both twitter and Facebook status update options have been removed from the NotificationCenter in iOS 7.

With the new iOS 7, Twitter will infiltrate in all iOS device, going deeper into the operating system and becoming one with the system. For those who are not aware of the latest iOS features, in the new version of Safari, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users will find something called Shared Links.

This feature represents a pre-populated reading list of articles as shared by people users follow on Twitter. In this way, users can easily stay in touch with what happens within their Twitter accounts. Here, users can scroll through all the URLs from their own Twitter timeline.

In the same time, the new Twitter browser addition comes to the new version of Safari for OS X Mavericks. It acts as an alternative to searching, and it gives users “a no-nonsense, all-content view” of what is happening on Twitter, when it is happening.

The iOS 7 will be available for users starting with this fall. So far, the improved operating system is available only on iPhone and only for developers’ use. The iPad support is expected to be launched any time soon.

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