Tweetbot 2.8 Updated with New Media Timeline and Image Viewer

The popular Twitter client Tweetbot was recently updated to the 2.8 version, and it brings multiple new features for iOS users. The update comes with a brand new feature called “Media Timeline” that displays only tweets with embedded photos and videos.

Tweetbot version 2.8 is not available within the App Store, and it shows some minor user interface tweaks and bug fixes. The update brings a new version of timeline, called the media timeline only because it displays only important tweets that contain photos or videos instead of the regular text-based tweets.

Tweetbot 2.8 update

Tweetbot’s developer, Tapbots revealed a clear and simple concept, which gathers all tweets with Instagram photos, videos from Vine or any other media content from any other supported device. All these media files are gathered in a single place, only in one feed, which comes separately from the classic timeline.

The new media timeline can be accessed with a single tap of the selection button, which is placed next to the search text box at the top of the normal news feed. The new improved timeline gathers all media content and places it in the front and center part with a small text accompanying each file. Whenever the user want to access the classic and traditional Twitter timeline, with a single tap of finger

A quicker and easier access to the media content within a Twitter account can be considered to be pretty similar as the new Facebook update which implements a media viewer within its iOS app. As far as Facebook is concerns, the user only clicks on a picture or a video and the file expands its graphic into its own pane. With a single tap of flick on the media, the users can return to the initial timeline.

According to the release note, the new update brings a media timeline. Users will scroll to the tip of a timeline and switch to the new media view. This view supports only supports images and video tweets. In the same time, the new Tweetbot update offers a completely redesigned image viewer. In what concerns the tweet and status details, now they will display the number of Favs and Retweets. Moreover, Tweetbot 2.8 offers Instagram Preview fix and many other bug fixes.

Tweetbot 2.8 is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and for the first two devices, the update comes at 11.8 MB while for the last one is 35.5 MB. Both of them are available within the App Store, and it can be purchased for $2.99.

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