How to Turn Off Location Tracking on iOS 7

As everybody wants, privacy is something that should remain private. Unfortunately, there are multiple alternatives people choose in order to bypass others’ privacy. During time, multiple iOS bugs allowed users to access pictures, messages, calls or other private files. In this way, their privacy disappeared.

Privacy as become quite a debatable topic these days. The location privacy is one of the biggest problems people are concerned about. With the help of this amazing feature, everybody knows where you are and what are you doing. As expected, the biggest loss of privacy comes from smart phones. Each smart phone comes with enhanced sensors and radios that provide an accurate location of the user, which is shared on social networks.

How to Turn of Location Tracking on iOS 7

In the same time, such location feature provides multiple useful information such as near locations to take dinner, to watch a movie or to start a shopping session. However, despite all these advantages, many people do not consider this as being a benefit. In what concerns Apple’s latest operating system, the iOS 7 focuses more on sharing location and location tracking which has caused powerful argument among users.

Now, the iOS 7 uses location data in order to notify users how long it will take to reach commonly visited locations within the new designed NotificationCenter. In this respect, the iOS 7 keeps a clear record of the places users have visited recently. For those who are afraid of revealing more that it should, there is the possibility to disable the location features by following some easy steps.

1. Open the Settings app and search for the Privacy menu.

2. At this point, search for the Location Services options, and then go to System Services, placed right at the bottom of the menu.

3. Now, you will find Frequent Locations at the bottom of the next page. Slide left or right in order to turn the feature OFF or ON. This all depends on the needs of the user.

When disabling the location-tracking feature on iOS 7, some users might feel a little bit safer and protected than before. Sharing all location information with the rest, it might cause various social problems.

However, for those who enjoy keeping a straight record of the places they have visited and in the same time, they also enjoy sharing them with their friends, the improved location feature offered by the iOS 7 is more than welcomed. In the same time, turning this feature off it will help users to save more battery.

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