Top 10 Must Have iOS 6.1 Cydia Apps

I am sure that over the internet you encountered all sorts of lists with the best apps and tweaks for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. However, within these lists, some popular tweaks and apps are quite useful for you and for your device. The good thing is that all of them are already compatible for the new iOS 6.1. Therefore, if you already upgraded to iOS 6.1 and you used Evasion to start untethered jailbreak on it, then you are lucky because you can find a lot of great apps and tweaks on Cydia Store. Here is a top 10 must have iOS 6.1 jailbreak Cydia apps that you can use to customize your device.

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Top 10 Must Have iOS 6.1 Cydia Apps:

1. The number one app in this particular list is the Auxo tweak. I am sure that you have heard about this particular tweak, but its main feature is what makes it special. Multitasking feature is improved if you download Auxo on your device. You will be able to swipe down to see the Notification Center along with all running apps. Moreover, you will see a live preview of each app to see its status.

2. CleverPin is a smart app that disables the Passcode lock when you are on Wi-Fi. The bad part with this app is the fact that it costs $1.99, but this is the only alternative you have for this feature.

3. In order to be able to install most of the apps from the App Store, you definitely need the xCon tweak. It is worth to be placed in the top 10 must have iOS 6.1 jailbreak Cydia apps because it offers you free hand with the apps in the App Store.

4. I am sure that most of you want to use the 8MP camera of the iPhone 5 in order to take great panoramic pictures. If you want to use this feature with the iPhone 5 native camera, without using any other app, then you need to download and install the Firebreak app. In the camera settings, tap on the panorama option and capture the landscape you want.

5. I know that there are also many pre-A5 devices around here who upgraded to iOS 6.1. In this case, if you really miss Siri, you have the alternative to install Spire. This successful and efficient alternative allows you to start conversations, to write texts, to search the web, to navigate and much more.

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6. It is quite annoying to search for an app, to launch it, and then to see that it was not the app you wanted. In this case, you need to search all again. For this, you can use Xpandr, the app that allows you to create shortcuts for any app you have downloaded from the App Store.

7. Another useful app that deserves its place in the top 10 must have iOS 6.1 jailbreak Cydia apps is the OmniStat. This simple all helps you to check all the status of your device such as its name, Wi-Fi IP, Mac address and in the same time to check all running apps or memory usage.

8. The last three places in this top 10 must have iOS 6.1 jailbreak Cydia apps are help by some customization apps. First, there is the Activator. As the name suggests it, the Activator assigns gestures for various features and actions such as turning Wi-Fi on or off, launching Siri and much more. It is simple, effective and useful in the same time.

9. On the ninth place, we find the Animer. This tweak adds effects and animations to notifications, icons and apps. It is simple, but it is worth to be downloaded.

10. Finally, in the last part, we have the Unfold app. It is free of charge and replaces the slide to unlock feature with a simple fold to unlock animation to show the Home Screen. I am sure that you all find all these apps in the top 10 must have iOS 6.1 jailbreak Cydia apps pretty interesting. Of course, there are many other amazing apps out there. All you have to do is to find them in order to start taking the most of your device.

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