Tim Cook on 18th place as Best CEO Ranking in 2013

Tim Cook was named Apple CEO in 2011 after the regrettable death of Steve Jobs, and so far, he has done a terrific job. However, after in 2012 when he was named the top CEO of the year based on employee reviews, his approval rating dropped with 5 percent and now, the controversial CEO takes the 18th place behind Amazon and Google.

Tim Cook Ranking

The survey performed by Glassdoor was meant to reveal employees perception among their leaders, meaning the CEO of each company.  The Top 50 highest rated CEOs gathers the chief executive officers of some of the most important companies at this time from each field of development. However, the most important approach was represented by the technological aspect. Therefore, companies such as Facebook, Apple, Google or Amazon took the first positions. There were some other fields that were covered within this top, as well.

If in the last year, Tim Cook received the best CEO of the year title, now he was unseated by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the well-beloved social platform and namely Facebook. Zuckerberg’s rate increased from 85 percent last year, to 97 percent the current year, which means a huge accession for the young Facebook CEO.

There is no clear reason why this thing has occurred. Apparently, the problems encountered by the Fruit Company along with the release of the well-awaited iPhone 5 led its employees to reconsider their position regarding the chief executive officer’s ranting. In the same time, some employees suggested the fact that the chief executive does not take into consideration the needs and desires of his employees.

Some bad reviews also suggested the fact that employees do not have the chance to advance, to progress or to take a better position since their efforts are not taken for granted. Moreover, the French scandal concerning the high number of working hours for the Apple employees might as well be considered a trigger in this titanic battle of the giants. People felt uncomfortable when working past the normal working hours, thing that lead to bad reviews from Apple employees.

Being a CEO is not that easy as it may sound. Besides all those advantages and benefits, the chief executive also faces difficult responsibilities and a lot of work in order to content everybody. He simply cannot have everybody’s approval. When you have thousands of employees under your command, it is hard to keep all things clear for each one of them.

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