Apple Announced iWork for iCloud

On Monday at WWDC, besides other interesting announcements, Apple, by giving viewers a quick in real time, unveiled iWork for iCloud, a new online document collaboration tool, which at first sight, appears to be extremely similar to Google Drive or Microsoft Office 365.

The new iWork for iCloud is said to be bringing Pages, Numbers and Keynote to the Web, providing users with the ability not only to rapidly access, edit and save their documents from the Internet, but also to do more advanced tasks like adding images, cropping them, and even rotating them. In addition, iWork for iCloud has been announced to support Keynote animations for transitioning between slides.


Furthermore, the apps are said to be also designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft documents, the users being able to drag a Microsoft Word document into Pages for iCloud in order to convert it and easily read it.

In accordance with the declarations made at the World Wide Developers Conference, the new version of iWork that is coming for both Mac and iOS. However, the new iWork for iCloud is also working on Windows computers and in other browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Therefore, iWork is brought to all user devices.

However, the fact that iWork is also available for Windows, is not surprising at all, as earlier, Apple CEO Tim Cook had offered a couple of hints during his interview at the All Things Digital D11 conference regarding the fact that he had no problem with bringing his company’s visually appealing suites of software to other platforms in case there was a demand or need for them.

In accordance with the statements of the company’s representatives, iWork in the browser works very much in the same way as the desktop app on OS X or the iOS app on mobile. In addition, not only that iWork seems to be more consumer-friendly but it is said to be easier for users to format and create attractive documents without having too many problems with understanding of how to use the software.

The new iWork is available as a beta on iCloud for developers starting today and will be extended to all iCloud users later this year.

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