The New iOS 7 Concept | Specs and Features

Along with each iOS version released on the market, the Fruit Company aims to bring a lot of new options and features in order to please its customers. For example, when iPhone 4S was first revealed by the Cupertino Company, users all over the world expected something new. With the release of the iPhone 4S, we got the iOS 5.1.1 and a brand new voice recognition assistant and namely Siri. During time, Apple brought notable features such as Apple Maps to their operating system, but the public was not quite pleased. Here, I want to show you several things related to the new iOS 7 concept and some of its most important specs and features.

iOS 7 Concept features

1. The Notification Center. Back in time, people were a little bit disappointed by the lack of utility and performance offered by the Notification Center feature. In this respect, the new iOS 7 plans to change all this. Now, with a simple swipe down, you will be able to see the dashboard. Your notifications will appear at the top and whenever you click on one of it, you will be able to see details concerning the respective app. In this way, you can reply much easier than you used to. The whole menu will be easily managed and you will have tiles for each one of your important app. Instagram, Twitter or Location feature will be incorporated in the Notification Center.

2. Another important change will concern the Multitasking feature. I know that you all live in a busy world where multitasking seems to be the right solution to cover all your needs. Now, with the new iOS 7, you will be able to keep all your important apps right at hand. With a simple swipe down, you will see the old tray. Moreover, when you slide up, you get to see the current running apps. The good thing is that you can now easily close any app you want by swiping the app down. You can even close two apps at the same time if you use two fingers.

3. The Social Hub feature makes communication with friends much easier and simple. When you already have Facebook and Twitter integrated in the previous iOS, the Social Hub might seem something overrated. However, the Social Hub gathers all your important contacts and it helps you communicate easier and quicker. Each contact will be displayed with its own details such as profile picture, an information banner and the most recent conversations. You can easily call them, send them a picture or send a text message. For these options, all you have to do is to swipe down. Here, you also have Twitter and Facebook integrated so you can easily tweet or send a Facebook message.

With a clear interface and all these new features, the new iOS 7 concept seems to be quite audacious, but it is meant to bring us notable changes. In this case, all we have to do is to wait for the official release of the new iOS 7. However, you should not get too excited. Let us see first if this new iOS version will bring us exactly what we asked for.

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