The iOS 6.1 Lock Screen Bug Weakens your iPhone Security

Along with the release of the well-awaited iOS 6.1 for all Apple devices, users encountered various problems during the time. In some cases, there was the low performance and battery life issue, for others the 3G connectivity errors in the case of iPhone 4S users. However, Apple found a way to solve all these problems by releasing a new update especially designed for iPhone 4S users running on iOS 6.1. But now, an even serious problem catches the public attention.

Lock Screen iPS 6.1 Bug

Apparently, a new iOS 6.1 bug is revealed, and it compromises the iPhone Lock Screen along with all important data within your device. This security problem within the iOS 6.1 allows anyone to bypass the lock screen on an iOS 6.1 running device, and in the same time, it allows a quick access to any data available on the phone. However, this problem is not as clean as it sounds. You need to know where to look for if you want to access any data on a certain iOS 6.1 device. As various sources states, this trick involves making an emergency phone call by pressing and holding the power button. In this way, any user can have full access to a certain device.

Once you accomplish initializing the emergency call, you are able to see the wake screen and then to access all data. This includes various iPhone features such as iMessages, FaceTime, various Phone apps, photos, call list and even email messages.

As I mentioned earlier, in the past, iOS 6.1 users had encountered serious problems with their devices. For example, there was an Exchange bug, which included an excessive logging issue when connected to an Exchange account. In the same time, iPhone 4S users had some issues related to the 3G connectivity. The latest problem was solved through an iOS 6.1 software update especially designed for iPhone 4S users.

This is terrible news especially for those of you who use the Lock screen feature in order to protect your personal files. Fortunately, Apple is working on fixing the previous Exchange bug in the future software update, so the most probably is that they will fix this problem also.

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