Square App Icons Displayed on Apple’s Developer Portal Before iOS 7 Unveiling

The Worldwide Developers Conference, where the Apple is expected to offer a first look at new versions of iOS and OS X, begins on Monday at 10 a.m., at the Moscone Center, in downtown San Francisco. Yesterday Apple launched a new WWDC iOS app to help attendees stay on top of the latest news and events going on at the conference. The WWDC 2013 app for iOS appears to have the same flat design aesthetic that is predicted to be forthcoming in the next version of iOS.

Although Apple’s WWDC does not begin until next Monday, the internet has been wildly speculating about the company’s plans for months. If there is anything everybody can be almost positive about seeing on stage next week, it is the new, improved iOS 7, with a flatter interface design which removes many of the conspicuous textures and skeuomorphic elements in both the OS and official apps.


Just a couple of days before WWDC and one day after Apple launched its official WWDC 2013 application for iOS, a change appeared on Apple’s developer portal. The developers viewing their applications on Apple’s official site, had a big surprised when they noticed that their icons were being displayed with square edges, instead of having the usual rounded corners.

Some of the developers interpreted this as being a sign of the anticipated iOS 7 user interface overhaul for iPhone and iPad Apple, which is expected to be presented at next week’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Until this moment, Apple’s system automatically apply an effect which kept the application icons, even though the developers have always been asked to upload their application icons as a square with sharp corners. Now, one week before the WWDC, Apple stopped using the effect that used to make the app icons corners round.

However, although the interpretation of the new square icons seems close to reality, it does not necessarily mean that Apple is planning to adopt square icons for iOS 7. The change could have happened just because Apple replaced the filter that used to be automatically applied to icons once they were uploaded by developers.

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