Siri Eyes Free Support Coming to All BMW 2014 Models

BMW had announced iOS app partnerships with Audible, TuneIn, Rhapsody and more, a while ago. In addition, last June, Apple made it public that the company was working on a new “Eyes Free” mode for Siri with some of the well-known car manufacturers, such as BMW, Mercedes, GM, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, and Chrysler.

Not only that but it appears that later on, also Chevrolet, which earlier this year debuted the first model with Siri built in, and Honda also declared that they were bringing “Eyes Free” mode to some of their car models.

According to recent news, iPhone owners who also drive one of the BMW models, have a reason to be grateful, as BMW announced on Friday that it would be Apple’s Siri Eyes Free mode will be made available for all of its 2014 cars, unlike other car makers which, as stated above, planned to integrate “Eyes Free” Siri only to some of the vehicles they produce.


Therefore, in 2014 thanks to an update to BMW iDrive, which is the company’s integrated mobile interface, Siri will be available as a standard option in all the car maker’s cars.

iDrive already offers support for various iPhone apps, including several Internet radio apps, Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Wiki Local and Snippy (audio books). In addition, the upgrade to iDrive 4.2 seems to be offering more useful features, such as improved navigation and advanced real time traffic information.

Furthermore, not only that the iDrive update will permit BMWs to interact with Apple’s Siri in Eyes Free mode, but also with Samsung’s S-Voice Drive mode.

Once the digital assistant has been activated, users will be able to press a button on the steering wheel and begin interacting with Siri in their BMWs without looking at their devices, in order to dictate messages, send calls, and use other voice command options.

In addition, it appears that the service will deliver voice search for locations using Google, and there is even a Connected Drive Store which allows drivers to purchase services without leaving the car.

Until this moment, Siri Eyes-Free is available with the Chevy Sonic and Spark, a range of Mercedes models and the Ferrari FF and is coming to the Honda Accord, Acura RDX and ILX.

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