Save SHSH Blobs with iFaith 1.4.2 for Windows Only

Saving SHSH blobs has become a necessity moreover now when Apple releases different iOS versions in short time. When you do not have the possibility to jailbreak just when a new firmware is released and when your device upgrades automatically, then you need to go back to your previous jailbreak state on an older iOS version. In order to downgrade to a former iOS, you need permission from the Apple server, which is granted only a short period of time. After this, users are no longer able to downgrade. Until now. With the help of iFaith, you have the possibility to save SHSH blobs on your computer. In this way, you have the possibility to downgrade each time you want despite the fact that Apple does not sign the certificates.

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Developers updated iFaith 1.4.1 in order to offer support for Apple TV 4.4.4 and in the same time to accept SHSH blobs saved by using the TinyUmbrella. In the same time, iFaith brings new features such as the possibility to save SHSH on a server and then getting it back. Here are some important features for iFaith:

-Save SHSH blobs.

-Make firmware files with the use of older SHSH blobs.

-Put all iDevices in the PWNED DFU mode

-Download SHSH files form server to your computer

Devices that are compatible with iFaith: iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPad 1, iPod 2G/3G/4G and Apple TV 2.

If you want to proceed to save your SHSH blobs for your current firmware, here is how you do it:

1. Download iFaith 1.4.7, install it on your computer and launch the application.

2. Put your device in the DFU mode by pressing the Home button and the Power button in the same time for 10 seconds. Next, you have to plug in your device to your computer.

3. Once the program detects your device, you have the permission to press the Save SHSH blobs button.

4. iFaith will ask you to choose a location for the file. Preferably, this location should be the old location for previous saved SHSH blobs.

5. The task is done. Disconnect your device and turn it on.

Unfortunately, iFaith is working only on Windows operating system and it does not offer support for Mac OS. If you are running on a Mac device, you need to look down for another tool.

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