Sapphire Crystal Touch Home Button for Next iPhone 5S

Concerning Apple’s next generation of iPhone, there were many discussions and rumors suggesting various leaks. Now, a new rumor suggests the fact that Apple is planning to add a sapphire crystal touch as home button for the well-debated iPhone 5S.

The fingerprint sensing home button rumored to feature Apple’s next iPhone will display a capacitive touch sensitive button covered with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. During the time, there were many rumors concerning Apple’s next iPhone and the home button.

Sapphire crystal touch for iPhone 5S's home button

The latest news surrounding a sapphire crystal touch for the home button appeared in Taiwan’s The Cupertino-based company is expected to ditch the traditional physical home button, which has been one of the most unreliable components on all iOS devices. Customers have complained a lot during the time about various home button issues and problems.

The alleged sapphire crystal glass home button offers a hardness second only to diamond, which was meant to prevent the button from getting scratched, and in the same time, it will prevent ruining the fingerprint sensor.

This is not the first time when Apple has used sapphire crystal for an iPhone. In the case of Apple’s latest iPhone released on the market, the device owns a sapphire crystal camera lens of its back. This change was meant to prevent other scratches and problems with photos. The sapphire crystal glass was the first choice due to its compatibility with the optic sensors.

According to the already mentioned Taiwanese source, Apple is supposed to use the same material as it has used for the camera lens on the iPhone 5S’s home button. In the same time, rumors suggest the fact that the home button will no longer be a physical home button. Apparently, Apple will employ a capacitive touch home button for the first time with the iPhone 5S, thus eliminating a serious problem encountered by users in the past.

The capacitive touch home button will also incorporate a fingerprint sensor as previous sources highlighted in previous posts. All these changes are designed to make the iPhone 5S a stronger and more reliable device.

The Fruit Company performed the same change with the scroll wheel of the original iPod. The first iPod designed by Apple features a mechanical wheel that would physically spin around in order to use the user to scroll. However, this was soon replaced with a touch-sensitive wheel within the second-generation model.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the sapphire crystal home button and the fingerprint sensor for the next Apple’s iPhone represent only rumors. Until the official release of a next generation of iPhone, users will have to stick with finding all those leaks and rumors.

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