Samsung’s Patent Disputes with Apple Might Be Modified

In accordance with recent news, the fact that Samsung and Apple have been in firm opposition against one another in a series of patent infringement suits filed around the world, might change after Samsung’s Lee Kun-Hee recently returned from a three-month trip to Japan and Hawaii, as posted in The Korea Times.

Lee’s return comes after Samsung announced that its profits were up 53 percent year over a year in the first three months of 2013 to 8.7 trillion won, or $7.7 billion U.S. The sales, which came ahead of the launch of the company’s flagship Galaxy S4, were believed to have been primarily driven by low- and mid-level smartphones. Therefore, investors believe that Apple needs to offer a new low-cost smartphone that could be sold to consumers without a carrier subsidy. Rumors have suggested that Apple is planning to launch such a device later this year.


In agreement to the information offered by the Korean publication, Lee Kun-Hee plans to personally find solutions for the problems of the company, Samsung’s ongoing patent dispute with Apple being one of the “several pending issues” that he has on the list. In regards to this problem, last week, a judge with the International Trade Commission commanded that Samsung’s products are infringing on an Apple patent related to text selection on mobile devices.

One of the future changes that are planned at Samsung could refer to a manner of “cutting reliance on its mobile business.” In addition to his other statements, the chairman of Samsung also asserted that he strongly believes Samsung should “always have a sense of crisis,” and aim to “run faster and always study to have insights.”

Furthermore, Korea’s ETNews informed the public, Samsung will launch a 6.3 inch smartphone that doubles as a smart pad as early as June. Samsung Electronics seems to create a niche market by targeting consumer groups that have been dissatisfied with the sizes of smart phones (in the 5 inch range) and smart pad (in the 7 inch range).

The Samsung smartphone is likely to come with the dual core Exynos application processor, a 6.3 inch LCD or hybrid G1F touch screen panel, a 2 megapixel full-HD camera (front) and an 8 megapixel AF camera module (on the back).

Apple followed the smartphone industry, which have been trending toward larger screens, with the iPhone 5 debuting a 4-inch display. However, at that size it still remains one of the smaller screen options on the market.

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