Samsung’s Event Marketing Makes Apple’s Extensive Publicity Look Monotonous

Lately, Apple has been making its advertising events smaller and smaller, spending less money on ads, billboards and promotions, despite the fact that, in the past, the company was well-known for the high-tech marketing events, mastered by Steve Jobs.

While Apple product promoting has moved to obvious smaller venues, Samsung, its number one rival, famous for flattering Apple by imitation has literally taken the Broadway metaphor.

Today, Samsung launched the Galaxy S4, a device that came as a high-end answer to Apple iPhone line, making the Apple Company look dull, due to the heavily hyped event that took place in New York City Radio City Music Hall.

Samsung-vs-Apple (1)

One day before the Galaxy S4 launch, Samsung created an entertainment moment, by sending a team of dancers who performed “flash mob” moves into Times Square, wearing jackets with the number 4 on the back. This move was made in order to announce the actual launch scheduled for today. In addition to the “flash mob”, for the actual launch, Apple rival has commanded the over-sized stage of the Radio City Music Hall, announcing a spectacular event.


The Two Rivals Are Moving in Opposite Directions

In contrast with Samsung’s method of advertising, Apple keeps a low profile, and that makes the two companies seem as they are moving in opposite directions, although both of them are engaged in a global battle for command of the $ 400 billion mobile device industry. Regarding this race that the companies are engaged in, it is true that Samsung sells more overall phones than Apple, but, at the same time, it is a well-known fact that the iPhone dominates with a commanding 72 percent of overall industry profits.

Despite the fact that, Apple in its marketing and advertising has become quieter and more modest, hoping its products and services will speak for themselves, and, usually the company is pleased to ignore its rivals’ efforts, this week, they did show signs of fighting back against Samsung’s hype. Apple sent the senior VP for marketing, Phil Schiller, to the Wall Street Journal, for an atypical counter programming. Schiller criticized Android, stating that it is an inferior product to Apple iOS mobile platform. He did not actually address Samsung’s Android-based Galaxy line directly, but he affirmed that most of the Android phones are cheap knock-offs, offered as replacements for feature phones. In addition, Schiller revealed the fact that four times as many iPhone users switched from Android to iPhone than from iPhone to Android.

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