Samsung’s Best Buy Experience a Thread for Apple

Recently, Samsung has begun a new experience with Best Buy, the tech electronic giant. Apple’s rival has teamed up with Best Buy in order to open new Samsung Experience boutiques within the leading electronic retailer’s stores.

Apparently, there will be more than 500 stores opened by April 8, 2013. Each boutique will be about 460 square feet in Best Buy’s main stores, and it will have its own employees, trained by the tech giant. However, this is not a coincidence that the new Galaxy S4 can be pre-ordered from AT&T starting with April 16.

Samsung Experience Boutique

Albeit Samsung already offered its products within the Best Buy locations for years, the new shops will be managed by Samsung Experience consultants, which will help customers to understand their products better and provide demonstrations related to their smartphones, tablets, laptops and other accessories. So far, Samsung tried a similar experience in a Dallas Best Buy Store in order to test the market’s perception upon the prototype Experience boutique. In what concerns the Best Buy, the tech retailer replaced its CD aisles in order to make room for the new Samsung boutique.

As you know, Best Buy also hosts Apple Stores, which might consider Samsung boutiques a thread for its sales. The difference between Apple kiosks and Samsung boutiques is the fact that Samsung stores focus mostly on mobiles whereas Apple Stores focus on Macs and iPads, but no on iPhones. This might represent a plus for Apple’s rival.

However, the number of Samsung boutiques, which is around 1,400 stores, exceeds the number of Apple Store. This number might represent the real thread for the Cupertino-based company.

With all these Best Buy retail stores, the main issue is about location and proximity. Their success lays in the fact that more than 70% of the American population lives near a Best Buy Store that offers quicker and easy access.

Despite the fact that the Fruit Company might consider Samsung Experience Boutiques a thread for the U.S. sale, these boutiques will not harm Apple. The Genius Bar, one of the most prominent features of the Apple Stores will not appear within the Experience boutiques. In the same time, Samsung employees will not deal with warranty and hardware issues within their boutiques.

Besides the Samsung Experience Boutiques, Apple has something else to fear. Apparently, dedicated Google Chrome sections are available in many of Best Buy Locations. The Google store offers Chromebook products, demonstrations and test managed by certified Chrome OS specialist.

Within this war of giant Smartphone makers, Best Buy is the only one who has more chances to increase its sales. The number of Samsung boutiques and Apple kiosks will undoubtedly boost sales to the giant tech retailer.

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