Samsung Is Following a Path First Walked by Apple

Over the last two years, Best Buy stores have increased the number of smartphones and tablets they carry. According to recent news coming from, starting next month, Best Buy employees are much more inclined to offer its customers a Samsung product from their new Samsung section in the mobile department.

Until this moment, it is known that the retailer is preparing a roll-out of Samsung mini-stores in select Best Buy locations, in the near future. has announced that the first wave of high traffic Best Buy locations will soon be receiving instruction, to remove two aisles next to their mobile department and prepare for installing a new Samsung store. A second wave of mini-stores will spring up later in the year, and eventually every Best Buy store will have its own Samsung store inside. Regarding what the new Samsung sections of Best Buy’s mobile departments will look like there is no information, yet.


It has been stated that the star of the show is expected to be Galaxy S4. However, Samsung will additionally be using the space offered by Best Buy, to show off their other smartphones and tablets.

The stores that will feature a particular section, dedicated to Samsung are necessary for Best Buy. This move could help to further establish the retailer, as a player in the mobile segment, and reverse trends that have seen Best Buy struggling as consumers increasingly opt for Internet-based shopping.

These mini-stores are extremely useful for Samsung too as they will put the company’s products in front of more eyes and more-importantly further cement the company as a rival, Apple being the only other device manufacturer who has an exclusive space carved out on the Best Buy show floor.

The Apple section of the Best Buy is different from anything else in the store. Deliberately, this section of the PC department looks as though a piece of an Apple store was removed in order to be installed into the Best Buy. Furthermore, the employees that work in the Apple areas are always knowledgeable and friendly as well, making this as close to an Apple store experience as the customers can get in the Best Buy. Until now, no other brand in the Best Buy received such a treatment in the PC section, but as stated above, staring next month Samsung will.

Samsung seems to be following Apple’s every move. Not only that Samsung to have copied Apple iPhone and iPad, but it has opened a new store in Sydney, Australia that bears a striking resemblance to Apple’s own retail operations.

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