Samsung and Apple Competing in the Wearable Device Industry

Samsung is trying not to be outdone by rumors of a supposed Apple-built “smart watch”; therefore, one of the company’s executive announced that Samsung is in present attempting to conquer the wearable computing field, but did not succeed in divulging any information regarding the declared gadget.

In other words, all that was made public was that Samsung is currently developing a wristwatch which has been prepared since a while ago, according to the executive vice president, Lee Young Hee. The VP also stated that they have been working hard for developing this device, as well as other products planned for the future. In addition to confirming the rumors concerning the watch, there have been no comments with reference to what features the device might have, the cost, or the time it is intended to be released on the market.

Samsung disclosed the information about this watch in response to the rumors related to the future Apple wristwatch-like device that is supposed to perform similar functions to the iPhone and iPad.


Redesigning the Mobile Phone into Something Wearable

In regards to the watch expected from Apple, rumors point to a device made of curved glass and metal that wirelessly connects to the iPhone. When it comes to the operations that the watch will be able to perform, it is said that they will be facile, the device being able to control elementary functions, such as message reading and call dismissal. In addition to the basic features, like letting users make calls, seeing the identity of incoming callers and checking map coordinates, it would also house a pedometer for counting steps and sensors for monitoring health-related data.

Even though, the company’s plans are not public, there are certain rumors announcing that Apple’s purpose is to release the wristwatch device as soon as this year.

According to the Citigroup Inc. analyst Oliver Chen, the global watch industry will generate more than $60 billion in sales in 2013.  The companies that will be the first to sell devices that multitask might be able to lock users into their platform, boosting sales of phones, tablets and TVs.

In accordance with what Marshal Cohen, an analyst at NPD Group in Port Washington, New York declared the race is on to redesign the mobile phone into something that people wear. Additionally, he predicted that there is going to be a formidable competition coming from many different directions, such as device makers, accessory makers, even fashion designers.

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