The Possible Alliance Between Apple and Yahoo Seen as a Positive Step

Apple already uses data from Yahoo Finance, weather and sports stats to power varied first-party apps, including its Siri virtual assistant, but sources tell The Wall Street Journal that the two companies are looking to expand their relationship. Although speculation, Apple could potentially be looking to further deprecate Google integration in iOS, replacing existing services with those from Yahoo.

In regards to these recent rumors concerning an association between Apple and Yahoo, Wall Street analysts see definite benefits for both parties in the relationship, particularly in combating Google.

As Google became a serious competitor thanks largely to its role in developing the Android mobile platform, the Apple-Yahoo connection is seen in favor to Apple, which has already made an effort to push Google out from the iPhone by creating its own mapping solution, and removing YouTube as a default built-in iOS application. Therefore, the growing tension between Apple and Google was extremely helpful in making Yahoo an ideal partner for Apple.

yahoo and apple iphone

In reaction to a report from earlier this week which claimed that Apple and Yahoo are in talks about ways to blend in a better approach the search company’s various services into iOS, Shaw Wu made a new analysis.

As Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee asserted, a strengthened partnership with Yahoo would help Apple lessen its dependence on Google. However, the truth is that many Apple users are extremely fond of the services offered by Google, including Google Maps and YouTube, which are two of the most popular applications available for iOS.

With iOS 6, Apple made clear that it is looking to oust Google from first-party apps as the company deprecated the search giant’s information from the Maps app and removed the built-in YouTube app, both of which were iOS mainstays since 2007.

When it came to Apple’s plans, Wu questioned whether Apple itself, Yahoo or someone else is able to create exclusive content and services.

Furthermore, Wu stated that although it is known that Android is controlling nearly 70 percent of the smartphone platform market share, iOS accounts for more mobile traffic — 42 percent — than Android’s 31 percent presence. Not only that, but it appears that Apple’s iOS accounts for 51 percent of mobile revenue while Android takes just 30 percent.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple plans to preload data from Yahoo News and other Yahoo Web properties onto iOS devices. Most of the functionality is awaited to be tied in to Siri, where Yahoo already provides sports scores on demand.

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