Rumored Apple iPad 5 Rear Casing with Mini-like Design

Multiple rumors surrounded the next generation of iPad within the last month. Some leaked pictures even revealed the casing of the future iPad 5 developed by the big Cupertino Company. Now, a new picture released shows the actual rear casing of the tablet.

The new picture reveals the fact that Apple might borrow the iPad mini-like design for its next full-size smart tablet. The image precedes two other pictures presenting the supposed low-cost iPhone and new cases designed to the specifications of the next generation of iPad. New rear casing image presents the design aesthetic seen within the Apple’s iPad mini.

iPad 5 Rear Casing

Moreover, the post who offered the next iPad image also suggested the fact that the new device will present a 9.7 inch screen size but with thinner bezels. Since users already complained about the fact that iPad 3 and iPad 4 are notably larger and heavier than the previous model, the next iPad 5 comes to fix those issues.

Within a previous post, users were able to learn that the new device will be 25 percent lighter and 15 percent thinner than the previous two models. Apparently, the slimness will come from the new GF2 screen technology. This is a major improvement compared to the current iPad’s GG touch screen technology.

In the same time, the new device is supposed to contain an A7X chip. The new thinner LED backlight will offer a lighter device as it was previously mentioned. According to rumors, Apple will use Indium gallium zing oxide (IGZO) displays within the next generation of iPad. This kind of display will be probably produced by Sharp, and they can pack twice the resolution of a classic LCD screen with more than 90 percent battery life savings.

All these improvements related to the performance of the device will allow Apple to use smaller batteries within its next generation of iPad, which will offer a significant reduction in weight. The weight is supposed to reach around 500 grams, with 150 grams than the 650-gram size of the current fourth generation model.

At it is already known, the current iPad mini offers a lighter and experience, with thinner bezels and a curved casing. In the same time, it presents two stereo speakers at the bottom part of the device. On the other hand, the current iPad 4 offers a plain straight casing compared to the more curved one in the iPad mini. In the same time, the fourth generation of iPad displays only a single speaker located in the rear part.

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