Replace Slide To Unlock to Tap To Unlock For iPhone

During time, a lot of new tweaks and apps were developed and released for the public sake. Users have a lot of options to choose from when they browse the App Store or Cydia Store. If you own a jailbreak device, then you are probably familiar with all those great options and alternatives that the Cydia Store is offering you. Therefore, if you are fond of downloading and installing various jailbreak tweaks on you device, then the tapUnlock tweak will be great for you. Using this app, you can now replace the old Slide to Unlock bar of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Tap to Unlock button.


This tweak is designed especially for those of you who enjoy customizing their device in a personal manner. If you are tired of seeing the old Slide to Unlock bar, which cannot be customized, then I am pretty sure that tapUnlock will work just fine for you. The tweak does pretty much the same as the name points out. If will replace the Slide to Unlock bar with a new simple button that can be easily tapped to perform the same thing.

This package was created mainly to ease the work of all of you who do not enjoy sliding the whole screen to unlock it. In the same time, this tweak will make it easier for you to answer an incoming phone call because you will no longer need to slide to answer but only to tap to answer. Another interesting thing is the fact that when you want to turn off your device, you will also have the alternative to tap to power off. Just to mention, there are also many other customizing tweaks within Cydia that can do the same thing. If you are familiar with customizing apps and tweaks, then I am sure that the Activator will sound quite familiar for you. Keep in mind the fact that using the tap Unlock tweak; you will be predisposed to answer unwanted phone calls or to turn off your device by mistake. In the same time, your device can unlock in your pocket causing accidental damage.

When you are tired of this tweak, you need to uninstall it completely from your device. It does not have any customizing options or settings. If this has caught your attention, the tapUnlock tweak is available in the Cydia Store within the BigBoss repository free of charge, with no other limitations concerning the iOS version you are running on your device.

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