Rare Apple 1 Computer Auctioned for $671,400

While Apple might face some decline in the company’s revenue, the market for older Apple computers continues to set records. Recently, an Apple 1 Computer, created in 1976 was sold for a record $671,400 at an auction in Germany.

The respective amount of money surpassed the $640,000 record for an Apple 1, showed last November at a sale at the same action house in Cologne, Germany, Auction Team Beker. The respective auction surpassed the previous record price for an Apple 1, which reached the amount of $374,500 in June 2012.

First Apple 1 Computer sold for $671,400

As German auction house Beker said Saturday, the old device was sold to an Asian client who asked not to be revealed. He bought the so-called Apple 1, which was built in a family garage by the tech company’s founders Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak. According to Beker, the respective computer is one of only six known remaining functioning models in the world. Apparently, the computer has Wozniak’s signature.

In what concerns the respective Apple 1 computer, the device was sold for the first time in 1976 for the small amount of $666. However, it consisted of only the circuit board. A case, a keyboard and a screen had to be bought separately. At the time of the auction, the computer was estimated to be worth between $259,000 and $388,000.

Apple Computer Company, now called Apple Inc., was created in 1976. The first order required 50 computers assembled in a garage by the already-mentioned Apple’s co-founders. At first, there were only 200 Apple 1 built, but after a year, they entered in Apple’s trading program. This was related to the process of bringing them back to their creators to destroy them. At this point, there are only 46 of them distributed in the whole world.

“Apple 1 Computer is not just an old computer” as Beker puts it. The computer is “a superb symbol of the American dream”. It represents more than it is displayed in a circuit board. It represents the beginning of what we know today as being the big Fruit Company.

Lately, people pay high prices for old machines while showing a combination of scarcity and a fascination for the early history of the computer age. However, the high amount of money paid for a machine that can do very little and it was originally sold for only $666, shows irrational exuberance for high prices.

At the same German Auction House, the world’s first home computer kit, the Scelbi 8H, was sold. At this moment, there are only three known versions of the first computer kit built by Nat Wadsworth in 1973.

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