Production of iPhone 5S Already Started at Foxconn

As I told you in a previous post, the iPhone 5S will hit the market at the beginning of August the current year. The new device will carry the same design as its little brother, but it will hold some new improved features. Reliable sources revealed the fact that the production of iPhone 5S already started at Foxconn and the new device is ready to be produced.

iPhone 5S Already on the Assembly Lines


Due to the fact that the design of the future iPhone 5S is similar to its predecessor, the new device will be produced on the same assembly lines as iPhone 5. This will ease things a little bit for the Fruit Company and it will fasten the release of the well awaited iPhone 5S. Other rumors suggested the fact that the new iDevice released by Apple will be available in multiple vivid colors and it will be cheaper than the previous smart devices. This is due to the fact that Apple plans to reach out other markets, as in the case of China.

However, yesterday, other reliable sources suggested the fact that iPhone 5S will not reach the market in August as others argued. Apparently, we will be able to buy the new device as soon as the beginning of June. This is a major step for Apple since they accustomed their customers with scheduled release dates. In the same time, as you already know, along with the already-famous iPhone 5S, the Cupertino Company will also release two new models of iPad. The 5th generation of iPad and the 2nd generation of iPad mini will also be revealed somewhere in April.

As with the previous iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS, the new iPhone 5S will be an improved version of its successor. The design will be the same and only few aspects will be changed. As rumors suggest, the new device will hold a better camera and apparently a better processor, the A7-chip, to be more precise. In the same time, it will display a new smart flash and a fingerprint sensor. All we have to do now is to wait to see some official Apple releases concerning their new products. Until now, I am sure that many other rumors will appear in the online field so keep in touch to find out what else is new with the incoming iPhone 5S.


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