Playback Control using a Touch Interface for Apple Devices

Recently, Apple was granted a patent for a device control mode where user can interact with a multitouch display in order to control various features. The process happens even when the media content is not displayed on the screen, leading to longer battery life.The No Look technology patent allows users to control certain aspects of their iDevice by only watching the black screen.

No Look Patent for Multitouch Inferface

According to the U.S Patent and Trademark office, the patent was filled in 2009, and it is named the “Playback control using a touch interface”. It also includes the fact that all normal physical buttons can increase the size of the device while asking for moving certain external parts. In this case, the new invention offers various types of input controls, which require only a look down to the screen in order to change song tracks, increase or decrease the volume level, or to perform any other playback options.

However, this might lead to some other difficulties such as the lack of visual contact. In this case, the user will no longer be able to perform any of the No Look features on his device.

“No Look” Multitouch User Interface

According to the patent description, the new playback control using a touch interface system will allow users “to control their media playback using a touch sensing device without requiring the selection of displayed options, the electronic device can include a mode or configuration for which the touch sensing device can sense touch events” without showing any content on the display.

The new Apple system of multitouch user interface offers a wider variety of finger gestures that are designed to control the media features. Therefore, users will be able to perform gestures such as single tap to play or to stop a current song, clockwise circle to decrease or increase volume, and slide to right or left in order to change the music track. All these gestures are meant to improve the user’s experience with its iDevice while keeping its attention focused on some other tasks.

Users will be able to use many finger touch options in order to have a quicker access throughout the music library when they cannot have a visual contact with the device. Since all these gestures are performed on a black screen or one that it does not contain a media screen, the invention will also allow playback overlays if the user wants.

The whole purpose of this patent gained by Apple is to enable quicker access to media feature of any iDevice while saving energy life. The “No Look” multitouch user interface is meant to ease the user’s experience with its device without requiring a constant visual contact.

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