Password Protection for iTunes Shared Media Library

As some of you are already aware of, the famous iTunes service offered by Apple is a genuine help for users all over the world. Besides the fact that you are able to download music, videos and other interesting files, you can backup your device and your personal data in a way in which you can keep it safe. The iTunes Home Sharing service is quite famous and many people use it in order to share music libraries and playlists with others. But, when you know that you are not the only one who has access to this famous platform, then you definitely need to take into consideration a password protection for iTunes Shared Media Library.

Password Protection For Shared iTunes library

This solution is also great in all those cases when you have an explicit content and you do not want everybody to hear it or see it. It is also great when you want to share files only with another computer, which is also yours. In this way, you will be able to keep your personal files away from curious eyes.

Therefore, if you want to set up a password for your iTunes share media library, you can either check this option in the Initial Home Sharing Setup or you can easily follow these steps:

1. Launch iTunes, open the Preferences and find the Sharing Tab.

2. Here, see if the Sharing option is enabled. If it is currently disabled, click on Enable. At this point, you can also specify if you want to use password protection for your entire library or only for selected playlists. In this way, if you have something that needs to be hidden, you can choose to hide only the respective playlist or media library.

3. You will see the box called Require Password. Here, you need to enter a password, preferably a password that is different from any other account. In this way, others will find it much more difficult to break into your iTunes account to share your personal files.

4. When you are done, you need to close iTunes Preferences in order for all changes to take place.

Now, you can breathe easily because no one else will be able to see what you listen or what you have download into your personal iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Therefore, whenever somebody else is trying to connect to your iTunes Share, they will have to enter the password. Even if this somebody else is trying to connect from a Mac, a PC or any other iDevice running the same network as you, he or she will have to enter the secret password for the respective restricted files.

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