P0sixninja Reveals “openjailbreak’” Website Project

Later this month, Joshua Hill, better known as iOS hacker p0sixninja, offered a cryptic message within his Twitter account. He suggested that he is working of different projects, and a lot of amazing things are coming soon. He did not offer something precise, but he advised users to “think bigger than a jailbreak”.

After a few weeks, Hill elaborated his message regarding the secret project he was talking about. At that point, he revealed the fact that his new project is called “openjailbreak” and it is going to be practically a big repository of open source jailbreak components that he has created over years. Here, developers will have the possibility to submit their patches or help layout a roadmap for what new features and abilities will be added in the feature.

OpenJailbreak website released

At this point, p0sixninja has unveiled its project and openjailbreak is now up and running. However, it is worth mentioning the fact that openjailbreak is not all about Hill. There is a whole team of people working on the project including popular graphic designed Surenix, who deals with the website.

In what concerns the website, the site itself is running on Redmine, which represents a flexible project-management web application created by Jean-Philippe Lang. However, after a first look, the website actually has some handy features like role based access control, flexible issue tracking system and multiple other projects support.

For regular users, it might not seem that appealing, but for jailbreak developers it is a gold mine. The project is aimed to foster collaboration between hackers and developers, which could lead to more efficient research for future jailbreaks. Basically, developers share their discoveries and projects to other developers, and together they work on finding a proper jailbreak solution in less time.

However, as p0sixninja revealed in a previous report, the team does not stop here. Apparently, the open source repo is only “just a small part of an ultimate plan”. As it was expected, he did not offer any other details or information, but his words are enough to gather full attention.

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