Official Google Music App For iOS Expected To Launch This Month

With a history of more than two years since it was first unveiled, Google has decided to release an official iOS client for its music service in order to conquer a vast marketplace represented by the million of users who own an iOS device.

Despite the fact that Google’s music service is not that strong as some of its competitors like Apple iTunes or Spotify, but the search engine giant plans to improve and upgrade it in order to compete with the elders.

Official Google Music APp to launch this month

Google music app resembles the Spotify, which allows unlimited streaming and offline playlists for a flat monthly fee. The music app offers access to million of tracks, and it has become a trustworthy service among most of Android client. In this respect, Google Music App for iPhone, iPad and iPod is not that far away.

Moreover, according to the latest rumors, the company is testing Music app internally and plans to launch it later this month. For now, Google Music is already available on the desktop and Android, but along with the iOS, which owns supremacy in the mobile market, the search giant will definitely record an impressive growth in the case of subscribers. At this moment, android users are able to enjoy a $9.99 monthly subscription service from the comfort of their device.

As the rumors pointed out, the reason why Google did not release an iOS-compatible version for its improved Music app is was related to DRM issues. However, after intensive work, apparently, Google has managed to fix all those problems, and the company is preparing a big release for Google Music app for iOS later this October. As Apple has announced the release of a new iPad model, the timing could not have been better.

The new app is said to be much more capable that the current web client available for all iOS devices and Google has reported including many old custom radio and smart recommendation features that are to be found in the Android app. In the same time, it will also work with Google Play Music All Access that was launched in May of this year.

This means excellent news for iOS owners, Google music fans, but for all music lovers all over the world. This also means increased competition, low prices, and improved products. However, as Spotify for Android and iOS users, Google Music App can turn out to be a reliable service in terms of music variety and discovery.

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