NYT Accuses Apple of Not Preventing iPhone Robbery

According to a New York Times article, major Smartphone manufacturers and wireless carriers should to a lot more to prevent iPhone and other mobile robbery. Security experts and industry observers confessed the fact that the Fruit Company does not do what it takes for helping their customers in need.

Antiteft Technology for Apple

Since iPhone, iPads and iPods increased their popularity a lot more in each quarter of the year and with each device produced, the number of thefts increases in the same manner. The crime rate involving such devices is rising, and the authorities have nothing to do in order to prevent this. For example, in San Francisco, a stolen iPhone 5 can be sold for almost $500 while the carrier free device costs around $700. With all these being said, half of all robberies that occurred with San Francisco involved a cell phone, more precisely an Apple Smartphone.

New York Times accused Apple and the rest of mobile companies for looking in the other way when this happens. The companies are accused of not showing any interest in preventing and decreasing the level of smart device robbery. As in the case of San Francisco, the mayor of NY City, Michael Bloomberg suggested the fact that iPhone thefts represents more than 60% thefts within the City in 2012.

With this high rate of Smartphone robberies, the authorities are desperately trying to find the right solution to prevent and decrease the crime rate level. The police representatives and security experts are asking to the nation’s wireless carrier and Smartphone manufacturers such as Apple to implement measures that will dismiss the Smartphone robberies, and prevent thefts from gaining profit from their crimes.

According to George Gascón, San Francisco’s district attorney, the Smartphone crime “is a crime that could easily be fixed with a technological solution”. In this regard, Apple should discover new possibilities and to find various technologies that would fight cellphone theft.

In the same time, the district attorney has reunited with Apple in order to discuss the anti-theft technology, but Apple did not offer any feedback so far. As far as Gascón is concerned, Apple is not interested in boosting its efforts and changing its technology methods in order to prevent iPhone theft. After all, when people lose their iPhone, or they are robbed, they go and buy another handset. The win part is with Apple in this case.

At this moment, there are several antitheft technologies available which allow users to follow the smartphones and tables and to determine their location. Apple’s Find My iPhone uses iCloud to track stolen iOS devices, which already helped the authorities to catch the thieves.

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