Next iPhone Display Production to Begin at Sharp

As rumors suggested that the next iPhone would be revealed in the third quarter, the display production has already started. A Japanese-based report indicated that production of at least one component for the next generation of iPhone would begin next month at Sharp

The Sharp Company started the production of the display panel for the next iPhone model. In the same time, they plan to bring the production of the next iPhone’s display at tits full capacity while offering a full production.

iPhone 5S production to begin at Sharp

LG Display and Japan Display, who took over Sony Mobile, Toshiba Mobile Display and Hitachi Display, will accompany Sharp in the panel production. Despite the fact that Sharp already known the date for the mass production of the iPhone display, the other two companies were not mentioned in the report.

Until now, rumors indicated that the production of the iPhone 5S would start in March in order to permit a summer release. However, Apple encountered various problems as detailed in a previous post. The source stated that work on the fingerprint sensor that is supposed to be a part of the iPhone 5S has caused delays causing a late launch date.

The new iPhone 5S is expected to appear when iOS 7 will be available. Since the WWDC will begin on June 10, the device is expected to be launched in July or August. According to other sources, the specifications for the next iPhone, or the iPhone 5S, are similar to the current model. What is expected to be different if the updated processor, the already mentioned fingerprint sensor and a better camera.

Sharp Corp. encountered a powerful increase in what concerns the stock level since the Apple deal was signed and transformed Sharp in a partner. Now, the company will get a credit line of 150 Billion Yen ($1.5 billion) from lenders. This amount of money is required for the mass production of the iPhone 5S. In the same time, the electronic maker will set an operating profit target of 140 billion Yen for the year 2014. In the case of 2015, the operating profit target for sharp will be set between 130 billion yen and 140 billion yen.

Sharp is a powerful company. At this time, the electronic manufacturer has more than 200 billion yen on convertible bonds due this year, and it seeks for investments from rivals and selling assets.

However, as the rumor grows bigger, Sharp did not offer any other comment. In fact, the company said in a statement that Sharp is not in a position to comment on the lender’s plans. Apple also declined to comment the situation.

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