Next-Gen iPhone Motherboard Part Reveals Camera Details

A new component leak revealing motherboard part for an unreleased iPhone shows that Apple may use some internal design changes where the camera lens and flash are placed.

The component was released by the French Apple site “Nowhereelse” and it presents a powerful resemblance to the previous iPhone 5 motherboard. The component does present several differences between the existing iPhone 5’s components and the new motherboard part revealed, which is meant to make room in the next generation of iPhone.

iPhone 5 motherboard

The camera design can be found at the end of the motherboard where it was initially placed the camera and flash for older-generation iPhone models. However, in the case of iPhone 5, the two components designed to host the camera lens and flash were two separate pieced inside the motherboard, now, these components are connected together in order to form only one piece for the new design motherboard.

Since Apple already suggested the fact that the company is working on new projects in order to expand the iPhone lineup, it is natural to expect various component leaks from different sources. However, the leaked motherboard part is still a hidden field, and it is unknown whether the purported iPhone component could be designed for the future iPhone 5S model. As a possibility, the new motherboard design might be developed for the low-cost iPhone model. Both of these models are expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2012, more precisely in August or September the current year.

In the same time, another possibility could be that the new motherboard component leak is designed for a 2014 iPhone model, a new handset with a completely new design. As it was stated above, the part leak only displays a corner component of the motherboard, so it does not offer a precise indication as to what process or other parts might be included.

The rumors of the leaked component were revealed by the Japanese retailer Moumantai, who was the source of other viable leaks for other next-generation iPhone components. In the past, the same source offered a picture of an alleged iPhone 5S camera lens, which did not offer anything precise.

The Japanese retailer revealed another component that appeared to feature the home button of the iPhone 5S. In this case, critics did not stop to appear, and the leaked picture was supposed to be the vibration motor intended for an unreleased Apple handset.

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