New Design for the Old Apple iOS?

As you know, the homescreen of all Apple devices look all the same. The iOS interface looks the same as the first time it hit the market. I mean there are some minor changes, but basically, things are all the same. We have all icons arranged in rows and columns, but with this long time ahead, these things are not that effective as they used to be.

iOS Interface Design

The interface is clean, and it is easy to use, but there is plenty of room for improvement. When you compare the famous iOS with other mobile interfaces, you will be able to notice the difference. Apple competitors offer a wider variety of options and multiple features compared to the Apple iOS.

Now the Smartphone offers a clear view of incoming notifications, changes or news. For example, the Android interface offers multiple widgets, which inform the users about notifications. In the same time, on Windows phones, users have live tiles, which act as notification alerts. As you can see, the interface is suitable for customization in order to offer a clear view of what is happening within your smart device.

When iOS offers none of this useful information for the users, the interface might seem a little bit outdated and dull. For seeing incoming notifications, such as weather or news, you need to run an app. This might be considered a little bit annoying for most users. In this respect, Apple needs a fresher and more practical look for their personal operating system interface.

This aspect marks the difference between Android devices and iOS devices. Moreover, the fact that users are not able to add third-party apps to their homescreen as in the case of Android makes the clean aspect of the iOS not to be enough in order to nurture the actual needs of users.

In order to change the way the iOS is build and arranged, Apple needs to start a full and a complete customization and improvement. There is the need for widgets, various controls, and new features on the iOS homescreen in order to display a change. However, as far I am concerned, Apple is satisfied by its products, and this includes the iOS as well as they have proved it with the “Why iPhone” campaign released a few days ago.

In the same time, some users might consider the present clear iOS interface to be a design label for the Fruit Company. In addition, they would not change something that made them who they are today. However, improvements and innovations in the Smartphone field are a proof that the world moves on, and Apple needs to find out various way to redefine itself in order to last in this world of titans.

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