New BBC Weather App Launched for iOS and Android

During time, BBC has been criticized for favoring Apple over Google’s Android when releasing new mobile apps. In this respect, its latest release, BBC Weather, is available on both platforms from launch.

The free Smartphone app is now available both for iOS and for Android, offering valuable weather forecasts up to five days ahead. In the same time, the app is helpful for those who want to find out information such as UV, pollen count, wind speed and humidity.

BBC Weather App for iOS

Since both operating systems are different, the BBC weather app comes in different versions. In the case of the Android platform, the app comes with a homescreen widget and the ability to share locations with other devices via Near Field Communication. The weather widget represents a shrunken version of the app itself.

However, this was meant to take advantage of new features available on certain Android devices. In the case of iOS, the app version is a little bit limited. It is work mentioning the fact that both versions include accessibility and features for text-to-speech users.

According to BBC, the app has seen a huge increase in the number of people accessing its weather services from mobile devices in the last year. This triggered their decision to develop native apps to run along the existing mobile-optimized website.

Liz Howell, BBC Weather head said in a statement: “We know that out audiences really want that at-a-glace forecast when they’re out and about, with the option of digging for further detail when they need or want to”. Moreover, the weather chief said, “That’s exactly what we’ve delivered, squeezing in all of the out trusted data into an app that’s simple to use and looks fantastic.”

The actual weather reports, they are taken form the Met Office, and they match up with the rest of the information offered by BBC Weather elsewhere. The already-mentioned accessibility represents an important factor for the overall aspect of the Weather app. BBC combined simple blocks of text with clear features.

As BBC already suggested, they would like to keep things simple. In this respect, neither app features any animations like other rival apps. The simple background images that the app shows based on weather features only a few simple clouds and a bit of rain drops.

With BBC Weather available only for Android and iOS, BBC does not have any plans to take the app beyond these two platforms. In the same time, another thing worth noting is the fact that there is no bespoke tablet app.

The recently launched weather app is compatible with most Android 2.2 or later and with all iOS versions and it is available both in Google Play and in iTunes Store.

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