Multiple Colors and 4-Inch Display for Cheaper iPhone

There are many rumors surrounding the future cheaper iPhone, which is planned to be launched this year. Apparently, the new device will have a 4.5-inch display, as the size of the iPhone 5, and it will be available in multiple colors. All specifications and features of the new cheaper handset were established back in 2011, and the Fruit Company is unlikely to change its mind.

Cheaper iPhone with 4-inch display

The cheaper iPhone model is designed in order to reach other marketplaces such as China or Africa, where the current iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are considered to be pretty expensive for the mass population. The production of a cheaper handset will open the new opportunities for Apple in order to maintain its position as a top Smartphone supplier worldwide.

Older rumors suggested the fact that the new cheaper iPhone will display a larger screen, more specifically a 5-inch display, bigger than the iPhone’s screen. The device will also take some specific elements from the latest iPod Touch, mostly concerning the plastic case from the back part.

Physical Features for the Cheaper iPhone

However, the less expensive iPhone device will have a thin plastic case, which will be mixed with glass fiber. This aspect will turn the device into a stronger, thinner and lighter device compared with what we are used to see in the classic plastic casing. The conclusive information reveals a thickness between 0.4 and 0.6 millimeter. This dimension is smaller than the regular plastic case, which is between 0.7 and 1 millimeter.

What will be different with the new cheaper handset is the fact that it will come in a multitude of colors. This aspect makes its resemblance with the classic iPod Touch much obvious. Therefore, according to official sources, we will be able to choose from four or six color options. This thing is unexpected from Apple who inured its customers with the classic black and white options for the previous iPhone models.

In what concerns the thin plastic case, it is said that Apple already signed contracts with Foxconn and Green Point for the production line. The Hon Hai manufacturer will build and assemble the plastic thin cases while the Jabil manufacturer will build castings for the Pegatron. As you already know, Apple plans to change supply manufacturers for almost all of its cheaper models and classic iPhone models.

Meanwhile, all we have to do is to expect the well-debated iPhone 5S which is planned for released at the beginning of August. The iPhone 5S is supposed to have a NFC feature with a fingerprint sensor beneath the home button that will recognize the user and it will secure its payment transactions.

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