Move Apps Inside Newsstand App on Non-Jailbroken Devices

During time, users were able to do many amazing things related to their smart iDevices, things that Apple developers would not normally approve. With the help of jailbreaking, we are able to customize many aspects of our devices such as appearance, apps, springboard or dock. If you enjoy changing the appearance of your device but in the same time you do not want or you are afraid to start jailbreak, you can still customize certain aspects. Now, you can move apps inside Newsstand app and you do not need a jailbroken device to do this.

Move Apps in the Newsstand App

The Newsstand app is the place where you can gather your most important news apps in order to have a clear view and a quicker access. If you want, you can even make it disappear for all. However, the topic here is to be able to place multiple applications inside the Newsstand folder. This new hack allows you to hide the newsstand app if you want or to place folders within folders. However, if you move apps in your Newsstand, you will have your favorite camera app right near your news and magazine subscriptions.

Therefore, if you want to move certain apps inside the Newsstand app on your iDevice, first you need to place the Newsstand app on the second page on your home screen. Then place all app you want to move in the Newsstand on the third page of the home screen. Next, you need to press the Home button once. In the same time, you need to put another finger on the respective app that you want to move. Remember to be prepared when your device moves to the homepage screen. During this time, do not lift your finder and in the same time, swipe to left. This process will direct you to the second home screen page. That is all. Now you will have all your favorite apps and tweaks in the Newsstand app.

However, there is also the possibility to fail during the process. Do not worry because nothing wrong happens. You just need to redo the whole process until you succeed. Repeat it each time you want to move a respective app. In what concerns removing apps from Newsstand, the process is quite easy as well. Whether you choose to reboot your device, but this will remove all apps in the Newsstand, or you can just tap and hold a certain icon and when it start wiggling, press the Home button once again.

For placing a folder inside a folder, the process is pretty much the same. You need to follow the exact steps and then you can place multiple folders into a single one. The only problem is the fact that your Springboard might crash when you try to open a certain folder. I must mention the fact that this hack is available only for iOS 6 devices and it works only before you reboot your device. After this, you will have to repeat the process all over again.

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