Microsoft Eager to Get iTunes for Windows 8

As iTunes is already available on Windows 8, Microsoft wants Apple to develop a version built exclusively for their Modern-style Metro UI. Apparently, Microsoft is eager to have iTunes on its side, and the company is doing its best in order to convince the Cupertino-based company to offers a version built for Windows 8.

Apple’s famous software offering has gained its popularity during the time, and now, Microsoft wants the program for its own operating system. However, as far as Apple is concerned, the company does not show any signs of willingness in offering a touch-friendly version of the application any time soon.

iTunes for Windows

Microsoft representatives already discussed this issue with the Fruit Company, and they admitted the fact that users should not expect an iTunes app on Windows 8 any time soon. As Microsoft itself confessed, iTunes is in high demand and Apple knows it.

The iTunes service is already available for Windows 8, but since it does not offers a Modern UI version, people find it difficult to work without a keyboard and mouse. In this way, without the Metro version, users encounter various problems when handling the iTunes app. In the same time, those who are not lucky on using a popular Windows version are not able to use the software at all. Windows RT built to run on ARM processors make iTunes also untouchable.

In the past, Apple has ported some of its most popular Mac applications to Windows, but this is not enough since Windows is the operating system on which most computers run at the time. However, regarding the smart tablet segment, Apple is still the leader.

In what concerns Windows 8, the operating system has over 60,000 apps available, and users download more than 250 million apps per total. In full expansion, Microsoft plans to own as many iTunes app store apps as it can possible be.

When Windows 8 was launched, Microsoft predicted that the operating system would reach more than 100,000 apps downloaded by February, the current year. Unfortunately, this was not even close to the real numbers. By the end of the 6-month period, the platform reached only half of the predicted amount of downloaded apps.

Since Apple does not seem pretty excited of offering a built version of iTunes for Windows 8, Microsoft should focus on finding various ways in which the app platform on their operating system in time for the holiday season.

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