MessageMe Hits 5 Million Users In 75 Days

Mobile messaging apps are becoming more and more popular, and the best example for this is MessageMe who managed to conquer a great number of people in a very short time. Even though, the app was launched only 75 days ago, it seems that, starting with 1 million customers in the first 10 days, it already hit 75 million users.

MessageMe is a new app for iOS and Android, offering group and individual messaging. At the first look, it appears to be similar to all the other group or individual messaging apps, like GroupMe or WhatsApp, but with this app, besides regular messages, users can also send photos, songs, videos, audio recordings and even doodles.


The fact that there are other messaging groups that allow users to send media attachments is true, but Message me seems to be much faster. In addition, when sending a picture, besides picking from the phone’s camera roll or taking a new photo, users are able to search Google Images and send them.

Not only that but when it comes to videos, there is the possibility to shoot a new video, upload an already existing video on the phone, or even search YouTube in order to add a video. And what is even better is that everything can be done from one interface, so there is no need for the user to open up YouTube, copy the link, return to the messaging app and paste it.

In addition, it seems that the the iOS version, not only that allows its users to add a clip via iTunes, but also if they like what they hear, it gives them the possibility to buy a song.

Furthermore, MessageMe is available for phones and tablets, and it seems that once the users sign up, they can sign in with different gadgets and all messages are kept in-sync across devices.

According to the company’s statements, at this moment, there are 1,500 notifications sent to MessageMe users each second. In addition, there are handled around 8 image uploads per second. In addition, the company also affirmed that the app that accomplished to raise $10 million in funding from investors like Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz, was built in order change the way people communicate, and the mediums through which they connect.

It seems that MessageMe has new plans referring to adding money-sending features.  However, the app will soon have another competitor as BlackBerry Messenger plans to launch on iOS and Android for the first time.


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