Manage Storage Space For Your Photos On iPhone

Everyone enjoys taking photos using their devices. But how can you tell how much space you have available to take many new pictures? Maybe you run out of space and you miss capturing an important moment of your life just because you do not have enough storage space to take a new photo. Normally, you can easily check out how many photos and photo albums you have on your device. However, this number does not reflect the actual storage space you have available on your device.

Manage Storage Space for Photos

In the same time, there are many other files hidden which may take a lot of storage space without you even knowing it. If you want to manage storage space for your photos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you need to search a little bit harder.For being aware of the available storage space on your device, you need to take the following guide. In this way, you will be able to see all your photos taken with the camera service and all photos that are saved from emails, web or other services.

1. Visit the Settings tab. Go to General and then search for the Usage option. Click on it and wait until your device gathers all information required. This may take some time.

2. In the Photos & Camera section, you will see next to it the GB used by photos and Camera Roll.

3. For a more exact report, tap on it and you will see exactly how much storage space each photo service takes.

You can manage this space any way you want. Here, you can also see how much storage is intended for the iCloud service, namely the Photo Stream app. It is great to know how much space photos occupy on your device because you can manage it more carefully and easily. In the same time, photo storage is the main reason why some people run out of storage space. A single multi-megapixel photo can take a lot of space, much more that you would normally expect.

It is quite simple to move all photos and camera files to your computer in order to free some space and to use it for other purposes such as new pictures, videos or even movies.

This guide was intended for iPhone users because many people use their iPhone camera as a professional photo camera to take amazing photos, but you can easily do the same in the case of an iPad or an iPod Touch. Some users suggested the fact that in some cases, the camera feature does not work properly when the Camera Roll is full. So, free up some space on your device in order to make room for new things and to capture the best moments of your life.

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