How to Make Use of iOS 7 Like Control Center on Mac

When released in September, the iOS 7 has brought multiple arguments and critics, but it has had its share of appreciation, as well. There are many iOS users among the 200 million users upgraded to iOS 7, who consider Apple’s latest firmware a breath of fresh air while displaying multiple innovative features along with the revamped design.

Among the iOS 7’s multiple benefits and amazing features, users have suggested that the iOS 7 Control Center is pretty accessible and handy for accessing a number of essential apps and toggles with a single tap of a finger. For those accustomed with jailbreaking, I assume that this reminds you pretty much with the Cydia tweak SBSettings.

iOS 7 Control Center on Mac

However, this accessibility has convinced users to port the Control Center to their Macs. In this way, users will have the possibility to access iTunes, display and time-based functions directly from the Menu Bar in a couple of seconds. In this respect, for those who want to see and feel the Control Center look on their Macs, there is the Controls + app for OS X, available at the Apple Mac App Store.

Naturally, developers have called this amazing app surprisingly, the “Control Center for Mac”. After purchasing and installing Controls+ on a Mac, users will be able to set brightness for their display using only a simple slider. In the same time, the app offers the possibility to drag an image to the placeholder in order to change the background picture.

Moreover, Controls+ allows users to activate the currently selected screensaver and play their favorite songs. With a simple click, music that is playing through iTunes can easily appear within this app. In the same time, users will have the possibility to seeing the album cover from the currently playing song available in a little nice interface as well as various controls to skip the current song or to adjust the volume.

If this does not convince users, find out that Controls+ app even has a timer and stopwatch included as a standard feature. Now, it is simple to keep track of time while remembering the most important things. With Controls, all things will be particularly accessible right from the Menu Bar of the Mac.

Keep in mind that if you are interested in moving the iOS 7 Control Center on your Mac, you can easily visit the Mac App Store and search for Controls+ app. Using this amazing app, you will increase functionality, accessibility while you keep all necessary things together.

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