Launch iCloud Service on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

I am sure that you all know about the backup possibility you have to save your data and personal files in a safe place. This is great because you do not have to worry about your personal data if something wrong happens to your device. For this, you have the possibility to use the iCloud account or the iTunes account. Once you have all your files saved the iCloud account, you can restore them anytime you want. If you want to backup files using iCloud for iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch, you need to follow some easy steps in order to set up your iCloud account.

iCloud backup Storage

The iCloud feature acts pretty much the same as an online hard drive. Here, you have the possibility to store pretty much anything you want starting with Contacts, Mail and Reminders and ending with Ringtones, Photos Streams and Videos. You can use iCloud on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 5 or later. In order to configure the iCloud account, you need to go to Settings and tap on the iCloud icon. Here, enter your Apple ID and password. In this way, you will get 5GB free storage to save files and if this is not enough, you can easily upgrade the package by paying up to $100/year for 55 GB. Click on Done once you have completed these tasks.

Once you configured the account, you can sync Mail, Contacts, Calendar or Reminders. You can even set the account to backup files from time to time concerning certain features and options. However, in this way, when you access your iTunes account, the program will no longer create automatic backups.

To create and access backup files, you need to set iCloud on your desktop computer. Both for Windows users and for Mac users, this thing it quite simple. In the Preferences menu for Mac users, respectively in the Control Panel in the case of Windows users, you have to access the iCloud feature. The application will ask for your username and password. Use the Apple ID and password. Click on the Manage option to see your current backups, to choose the one you are interested in or to delete old ones.

Despite the operating system you use on your desktop computer, the iCloud feature works just great. It is a genuine help if you want to keep your personal files stored in a safe place and with the possibility to access them anytime you want. In the case of the storage amount, I am sure that 5GB will be more than enough for you. Take into consideration that fact that this service is controlled and secured by Apple so you do not have to worry about revealing your personal data to any other third party.

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