Jony Ive’s Mark on iOS 7 Icons Reveals Flat Effects

Recent screenshots leaks claim to present the future iOS 7 with aspects of the much-debated “flat” design developed by Sir Jony Ive. Apparently, the skeuomorphic design will become part of Apple’s new version of iOS platform, which is meant to make everything easier than before.

The screenshots reveal a blurry image of what appears to be an unreleased version of iOS running on iPhone 4S or iPhone 4. The user interface does not present any massive changes, but a closer look shows that icons are less complicated that they are in the current iOS version.

The icons’ design appears to be a little bit changed. Unlike the previous type of icons, which were covered in a layer of gloss with a 3D aspect, the icons within the future iOS 7 appear to abandon this effect, giving all of Apple’s stock icons a unified and a flat look.

iOS's flat icon design

App icons in the current iOS 6, such as the App Store, Music, iTunes, Compass, Clock, Safari and others, feature a layer of gloss, actually a translucent layer over part of the icon, which makes it appear to pop while displaying a three-dimensional effect.

The flat aspect for iOS 7 app icons is considered to be a part of a project developed by Apple’s design head Jony Ive. Being the head of not only the hardware design but the interface design as well, Jony Ive started to develop a new design for Apple’s user interface for the next iOS version, as soon as he was named in charge.

Things such as the Calendar app’s faux stitched leather interface or even the green felt table in the GameCenter app exemplify the already mentioned skeuomorphic aesthetic design. In the same time, Ive’s stamp led to the removal of some other aspects of the existing operating system.

Within the leaked picture, the Weather icon appears to no longer have a static display of 73 degrees as its temperature. In the same time, the Settings and Reminder app icons appear to have lost their borders. As it is already presented, they are the only two among Apple’s 24 stock icons that include a defined border.

On the other hand, the GameCenter icon has received significant changes and now, the icon appears to feature a much simpler design.

Apple is expected to reveal the newest versions of iOS and Mac at the next week’s WWDC. In the same time, the Fruit Company is likely to launch the well-awaited iRadio streaming service and a new MacBook Pro with Intel processor.

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