Java Support with Plug-In and Security Improvements for Safari

Apple adds site-by-site Java support and security improvements for its browser. The latest version of Safari and namely the Snow Leopard OS X 10.6 offers users enhanced control over all Java content displayed.

The update, Java SE 6 supports the Snow Leopard, and it includes various security implementations that will be developed by Oracle. As you know, Apple moved the Java concern to Oracle and in addition, other OS X versions do not support the latest update. With the help of the latest update, users gain full control over Java content and they choose the option of enabling Java on a site-by-site basis. However, this process might become a little bit annoying especially when users will have to toggle on or off Java, for each site apart. Apple developed the Java plugin, which enables Java for all trusted sites. In this case, users will not have to disable Java completely when browsing various sites.

Java Plugin Update for Safari

In order to access the new features, users need two other updates Apple released for Java and Safari. Both of these updates are available through the Software Update Service from the Apple Menu. The updates are only 100 MB altogether, but once users install both of them on Safari; they will be able to manage Java for each site by first opening a site with Java content. At this point, a notification will appear to inform users that the site contains a Java applet. In the same time, there is the possibility to block or allows the applet.

In case a “blocked plugin” appears, users will first need to update to the latest version of Java before receiving access to on/off toggle. When the site is opened, within the Security section in Safari Preferences, users are able to check the “Allow Java” option. Once the option is checked, Safari will set default permission for always viewing Java content on the respective site.

The update brings something new to the Snow Leopard, but in the same time, it is available for older versions such as OS X Lion that runs Java SE 6. Now, all Java updates are handled by Oracle and users have to update through the official Oracle site. Oracle also released various Java updates for all other platforms in order to solve the Java content error some people might experience on their desktop computers.

In what concerns the Safari Security Improvements, they are available for versions such as 6.0.4 for OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, and version 5.1.9 for OS X Snow Leopard. All these improvements and changes are available in Software Update in Apple Menu.

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