Jailbreak iOS 6.1.3 using Redsnow on iPhone 3GS/ iPhone 4/ iPod Touch 4

As you probably know, iOS 6.1.3 was released for the public use. The update was meant to fix the lockscreen passcode issue and to bring Maps enhancements for Japan. The bad news is the fact that the new update kills the untethered jailbreak performed by Evasion tool on all newer devices. The good news is that you can still perform tethered jailbreak on pre-A5 devices using Redsnow.

Redsn0w Jailbreak iOS 6.1.3

If you happen to upgrade your device to the latest iOS 6.1.3 and you lost the jailbreak status, then there is not turning back. For all newer devices, there is not possibility to downgrade back to iOS 6.1.2 or lower. In what concerns the older devices, pre-A5 devices such as iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4th generation, there is the possibility to perform tethered jailbreak using Redsnow.

Redsnow is compatible with all pre-A5 devices, iPhone or iPod, which use the Limera1n exploit. For all newer devices such as iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or iPod 5th generation, we still need to wait to see what is going to happen in what concerns the jailbreak possibility.

Redsnow iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak Tutorial

Devices compatible with Redsnow jailbreak:

– iPhone 3GS

– iPhone 4

– iPod Touch 4th generation

Therefore, before you start tethered jailbreak on your device, you need the latest version of Redsnow 0.9.15b3 for Windows or Mac, an iOS 6.1.3 running device such as an iPhone 3GS/iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4th generation and the original iOS 6.0 IPSW. At this point, if you have all you need, you can start jailbreak using Redsnow on your device. However, remember that this will only perform a tethered jailbreak, which means that you will have to redo the process each time you turn off your device.

1. Download the iOS 6.0 IPSW.

2. Download and install Redsnow 0.9.15b3 on your desktop computer.

3. Once you run Redsnow, you will be able to see the Extras button. At this point, you need to choose Select IPSW when the software will choose the original IPSW.

4. In the Redsnow window, you will see the Jailbreak option. Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions provided by Redsnow. You have the possibility to choose whether you want to install Cydia Store or not.

5. When the program ends its job, it will prompt you to put your device in the DFU mode. In case you do not know how to do it, Redsnow will show you how.

At this point, tethered jailbreak is available on your pre-A5 device, and you are free to use Cydia Store in order to test your apps and tweaks or to download new ones. The whole process last only a couple of minutes.

In case your device runs out of battery, and you see the Apple logo, it means that you have to boot in a jailbreak mode once again. For this, you have to use Redsnow. Connect your device to your computer, click on Extras/Just Boot and it is done.

Latest Comments
  1. kung

    i need to redsnow pleace

  2. LIVE

    What is a .ipsw? I don’t see anything like that in my files.

    • Ipod user

      it is a restoration file

      Also before u all start be sure to do a backup on itunes….

    • Rogério

      you can get it here –> felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware
      there is a “iPhone / iPod touch / iPad / Apple TV” dropdown list, select your iOS version and click OK :)

  3. Nikc

    finished all steps but still cant see the Cydia

    • yaya

      you have to reboot with redsn0w’s -> “just boot”

    • mike

      same here…. :(

  4. Boris

    missing keys.plist

    • yaya

      select the iOS 6.0 IPSW and then
      you have to reboot with redsnow’s -> “just boot”

      • jarel ross

        do i have to be in dfu mode?

      • jakeb1852

        yes i do that but it is at that point where it tells me im missing keys.plist

  5. Duck_Cakes

    Where do you get the iOS 6.0 IPSW?

  6. caleb campbell

    I have been trying for days now to jailbreak my iphone 4 cdma 6.1.3 with redsnow. it keeps saying exploit failed can anyone help me with this?

  7. marcus

    missing plist 3GS 6.1.3 modem firmware 05.16.08

  8. robertmammo

    iclicked the just boot button and it booted but it says please wait while your build is being processed. and i dont see a cydia


      same happened to me someone please help

  9. roshaan khan

    my device 3gs was on version 5.1.1, and i restored it to 6.1.3. now when i turn it on, it wants to activate the device, and after trying for sometime it fails to activate. i tried this method mentioned above, by downloading 6.0 IPSW and jailbreak it with redsnow, but when i put my device in the DFU mode it prompts that the device does not support unthethered method.. :S please help

  10. Duckinabearsuit

    To: Roshaan Khan,

    First try and get your device to function “normally” as an iPhone, although you are not activated with a carrier. I just went through your exact situation. When it fails to activate, push the square button, then click “Start Over”, then follow the series of setup steps which should guide you all the way past the activation part and let you use your iPhone (access all of its features, etc)

    After the above, then maybe attempt the Jailbreak steps…That’s what I’m about to do. (Downloading the files right now.)

    Just did a Google search!

  11. Giakkino

    un saluto da casa vitaleeeee

  12. Giakkino

    hahaha marina ha aggiornato ad ios 6.1.3 e non puo avere il jailbreak unthetered hahahahhahahahha SKIATTAAAAAAAAAA

  13. Ace

    does any one know if after the journal process, the ios is activated out do you have to activate it just like after an Apple restore using iTunes? my phone seems to have a dead baseband chip and it was activated on 6.1 when all of a sudden the imei number disappeared but WiFi still worked do I was using it as just an iPod. . I then put it in DFU mode and restored to 6.1.3 but now can’t activate. I only need a workaround to skip the activation. in the past, creating a custom firmware have one the option to do an activated ups do at least the device is functional. Can that be accomplished? Another weird thing is that if the chip it’s bad, it won’t flash and iTunes will throw an error so I don’t know what’s happening. Can anyone recommend a workaround for activation?


      download redsnow and jailbreak the phone with iso6 this will skip the activation.


    i clicked the just boot button and it booted but it says please wait while your build is being processed. and i dont see cydia on my ipod

  15. Alpha Geek

    It’s important to note, that when you “Just Boot” — You still need, and will continue to need the iOS 6.0 IPSW file EVERY TIME you boot your phone. Do the following to boot the jailbreak after following the steps in this guide.

    Select Extras -> Select IPSW -> iPhone3,3_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw

    Now select “Just Boot”. You’ll see a pineapple instead of the apple logo if everything has been done correctly.

    • bob

      stuck on apple logo after just boot wtff

  16. Mark Shadows

    After doing the Jailbreak process and it was successful, I tried to do the Just Boot process but it goes back to the activation screen? Why?

    • Carli

      go into ‘extras’ and select the IPSW 6.0 file again then ‘just boot’- now when your phones boots there will be a pineapple…..be patient, takes a few minutes once the pineapple appears.

  17. Nad

    what do you mean? every time you run out of battery you will use redsnow again and again just to boot your iphone?

  18. Kelsey

    I did everything above, it’s the exact process prior to the IOS 6.1.3 update. I tried the above, yet the Cydia Store doesn’t show up.

  19. Ahamed Anash

    its good

  20. sami

    finished the steps 1, 2 ,3 , 4 and at step 5 I turned my iphone3gs into DFU mode. the problem is that the redsn0w window freezes somehow! at “waiting for iphone3gs” (it’s been 30 minutes now that redsn0w’s remained at this step!)

  21. AL

    Hi, just installed redsnow with succes. However phone keeps shutting down suddenly after few tasks. Battery power is sufficient. Can it be a bug?
    And Cydia talks about non-tethered jailbreak, should I follow the setup of

  22. ro

    will this work with ipad2,1 ?????? on 6.1.3????

  23. mohamed

    pl z i need jailbreak my iPhone 4s iOS 6.1.3 :(

    • Zaki

      Hhhhhhh problème :(

  24. Simen Dumont


    I succeeded to get the pineapple on my screen
    But now it seems to be stuck on it..
    Any help?


  25. wael khafaga

    I did all that and my iphone jailbreaked. but cydia is EMPTY. I added all kind of sources but still EMPTY. and the reason is running old version of cydia. please check.

  26. Wanda

    my ipad 2 version 6.1,3, just died and never turn on again after i tried the redsnow jailbreak… i feel like throwing it to the dustbin… i read some blog saying no jailbreak for ipad 2 with 6.1.3 version… ah… so annoying…. anyone can help me to fix it? i mean, it never get turn on anymore…. not even any single sign appear on screen when i press the pwer button, also the home button… help me pls…

    • aron

      did u try charging ur ipad?

  27. Mitchel

    I thought this was suppost to work for ipod 5th generation that is the site i clicked on and now its telling me that mine is not supported WTF?!?!?

  28. Sarah

    so I have done everything right and ill go to extras. IPSW and ill clivk the 6.0 version firmware and then it will accept it and then ill go back and push jailbreak and it will say, stage one, stage two, then waiting for reboot and it will never reboot…… what do I do???

  29. Yousuf

    Hi I need jail break for iPad4 will this work on iOS 6.1.3 of ipad4

  30. UndeadSkorpion37

    I got redsnow downloaded and compatibility mode to windows xp service pack 3 and run as Admin
    Then it give an error 127. so the fix was supposed to be to copy the SQLite.dll form the app/common files/support link and now redsnow closes after 05 seconds of loading. long enough to detect my device then shut down. i take the dll off and it runs but with the annoying error 127
    Any help is much appriciated.
    My windows is version 8

  31. shafiq

    i want do iphone 4s jailbreak please please

  32. jess

    missing keys.plist

  33. aron

    do i need to use my laptop im afraid ill get in trouble if my parents see i downloaded sumthing

  34. aron

    also if i do this is there any chance of my ipod breaking????

  35. Melanie

    My ipod device may be the second generation on 4.3.1 version…. I attempted to complete the jailbreakme website however it did not work with me. So I believed about redsnow however i am confused how to proceed. Yes I viewed the videos. Also how do you use redsnow or greenpoisn or another you’ve that’ll be faster and simpler……….. Note if I must download something from my computer, am i going to get junk e-mail/ virusesl?

  36. krow147

    I already revealed the telephone with redsnow, however when i put my sim it states no service. What must i do to help make the sim work?

  37. Jason M

    I simply jailbreaked my Apple iphone 3rd generation from OS4.1 using redsnow, When the jailbreak was complete i observed the phone icon had disappeared and that i was not able to create telephone calls. is anybody in a position to help?

  38. Dr Dorian

    I had been using Apple iphone 4 with 6..1

    Had problems, To repair I needed to use redsnow using the Apple iphone 4 build with 6.

    It freezes in the pineapple immediately after I actually do the needed Boot factor it states to complete.

  39. Jason

    And So I finally got around to jailbreaking my touch with redsnow. I really like it but you will find several things missing that are not with greenpoison like altering the bootlogo. So I’m wondering what can happen basically revealed the ipod device with greenpoison now wouldn’t it possess the options that come with both softwares or what?

  40. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    I attempted redsnow and did not cash luck and so i attempted limerain and my ipod’s screen is stuck around the itunes recovery logo design. Any advice that’s without a doubt likely to work or might work could be nice to possess. Thanks.

  41. floydian8717

    I already jail broke my ipad with redsnow, however i want the games along with other applications now. How do you obtain the applications free of charge?

  42. whitesoxfan2347

    My ipod device is up-to-date towards the latest update 5..1 however i cant jailbreak it with redsnow the most recent version is states SbSH error or something like that and so i attempted greenpois0n also it dosent see my ipod device being blocked in?

    Any help? can there be one other way i’m able to jailbreak it?

  43. Dana G

    I am attempting to jailbreak my ipod device and i must download redsnow for home windows, but my default factor to spread out with is limewire, that we uninstalled. what exactly else can one download it on?

  44. Jeanelle the Retard

    I simply revealed my ipod device touch 4g with eco-friendly poison however the cydia application wasn’t opening and so i used redsnow to finish it off. It labored and today i opened up cydia and that i joined i had been a person however i up-to-date something also it restarted. However when i opened up cydia again it stated Not able to Load in your home screen of Cydia.

    I requested this on the internet. They stated it had been just lower. Is that this what’s happening?

  45. fattiemanny

    Essentially, something similar to redsnow or hackulous, I heard. I wish to jailbreak my ipod device Touch 4 along with a apple iphone 4S, however i want this program that cracks probably the most applications in order to download the applications free of charge rather than needing to pay for this.

  46. Jason

    i purchased a second hand phone off my pal cause my old 3gs was damaged and swore to not ever jailbreak it cause it simply results in baloney.. well i introduced it to some shop so that they ould unlock it in my company.. well the idiot didnt let me know he was gonna jailbreak it with redsnow UGH!!! a connected jail break too. Anybody understand how to eliminate it?

  47. johnkaiser 22

    I’ve heard different names of jailbreak for example Cydia, redsnow, yet others. I’m wondering which is the greatest. Also, may be the jailbreak for firmware 3.1.1 out yet? I simply purchased a new Touch. Thanks!

  48. simply complicated

    i’m thinking about jailbreaking my itouch fourth genn presently running on 4.3.5.

    i heard that redsnow is actually good but ive been doing research onto it and that i cant find the best unteathered version. can someone produce the herpes virus SAFE website to visit to jailbreak my ipod device that’s really popular? which software is the greatest?

  49. Gundown64

    I’ve an ipod device touch 4g running iOS 5..1. I wish to jailbreak it with redsnow. Basically possess the ipsw file, will i go to redsnow and employ that because the ipsw file Oh and when Used to do the OTA update for ios 5..1 will the ipsw be on the pc or can one only use the iOS 5 ipsw?

  50. kass9191

    Im jailbreaking my ipod device touch with redsnow and today im waiting for this to reboot, why do taking such a long time?

    m jailbreaking my ipod device touch with redsnow and today im waiting for this to reboot, why do taking such a long time?

    HOW Lengthy Individuals IT TAKEE?? :)))

  51. _marky_mark_

    I’m using Redsnow to jailbreak my fourth gen ipod device, running IOS 5.01. My house button is damaged. I’ve the Assistivetouch thig on my small ipod device. The same is true it truly matter if my ipod device is switched off while jailbreaking it?

  52. JDOGG1122

    I’ve an itouch 4g running OS 4.- It installs cydia all right, however when I reboot the itouch for anything, it stays indefinitely around the apple logo design. I handled to revive it but can there be anyway to repair this issue. P.S. I adopted all of the instructions on redsnow perfectly therefore it can not be that. Thx ahead of time!

  53. tefa_96

    Using redsnow beta for the new ios 4 hactivates the telephone, so there’s no push notices service.

    I must jailbreak my the new ios 4 apple iphone 3rd generation without hacktivating to be able to obtain the push notices service.

    The Way I do this?

  54. Mistry

    I’ve been attempting to jailbreak my ipod device using redsnow. it states the form of red-colored snow i’ve won’t support it. When will the version that props up ipod device touch second generation 4.2.1 MC emerge. What’s the distinction between MC and Megabytes and what is the method to change it out?

  55. everythingisgonnabefine

    I will jailbreak my ipod device touch 4g IOS 5.1.1 and that i heard redsnow is protected but could someone produce a hyperlink to some video or instructions regarding how to jailbreak 5.1.1 with redsnow.

  56. Zanto

    I accidentally up-to-date my Ipod device touch (it’s 8gb) software to 4..2 and apparently that does not use jailbroken Apple ipods. And So I attempted the choice of jailbreaking it with redsnow or something like that like this also it labored, but whenever I install applications from cydia they open after which close rapidly. I attempted restarting or restarting also it does not work. Can there be other things I’m able to do in order to prevent that from happening?

  57. Jamal

    Im am so tired of the connected blackrain jailbreak. Each time i shut them back i must rejailbreak it. Im kinda excited for that redsnow untethered jailbreak however it works out its just for the second and first gen. Does anybody know once the untethered jailbreak can come out for that 3rd gen.

  58. happyha31

    I’m using Redsnow to jailbreak my fourth gen ipod device, running IOS 5.01. My house button is damaged. I’ve the Assistivetouch thig on my small ipod device. The same is true it truly matter if my ipod device is switched off while jailbreaking it?

  59. superdork

    I’m looking for a cheap cost to have an ipod device touch fourth generation. Anybody know anywhere that sells the ipod device touch fourth generation in a low cost?

  60. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused

    I purchased the ipod device Touch third generation the very first week in the month of january also it is still effective perfectly however i’ve come across the ipod device Touch fourth generation and that i actually want to have it. What’s the easiest method to obtain the money to be able to obtain the new ipod device Touch!? Must i pawn it, market it, market it over ebay or apply certain type of skeem. i bought it from walmart using the warranty.

  61. Salam

    to begin with all can a ipod device touch fourth generation take pictures? whether it can just how? will it focus ? or atleast just a little? also will it take videos?. also to download about 20 music and a lot of games and 30 pictures contributing to 3 videos which ipod device touch must i get? 8gb? or 16gb?

  62. sam N

    I’ve an ipod device touch fourth generation and also have been with them for several months now. I simply had a Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus Omnidirectional Speaker Pier about a few several weeks ago and is effective. Now, after i put my ipod device within my pier, it’ll charge it but will not be a musician. The amount bar at the end from the very good music player on screen vanishes, however it still charges my ipod device. In the beginning, i believed it was the pier, however when i put my brother’s ipod device around the pier, it billed but still performed the background music all right. Is that this a simple treatment for my ipod device or would i have to visit a professional and also have them repair it? Just help!

  63. MexicanDude

    I am thinking about buying an ipod device touch (fourth generation) and I am just wondering would be the earphones which come within the box the standard earphones or could they be outfitted having a mic (to be used with Skype and The face-time) or must i buy individuals individually? Just help..

    Brookie, Thanks. :)

  64. Andre

    I requested this not long ago and no-one clarified, but im discussing on selling this ipod device touch second generation to have an ipod device touch fourth generation. HELP! I wish to be aware of variations backward and forward, aside from the cost.

  65. Matthew S

    How can you jailbreak a ipod device touch fourth generation with no computer on safari. Plz assist me to.

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