Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 Tethered on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G with Redsnow [Guide]

As some of you might be aware, the latest iOS firmware was recently updated to an improved version, namely the iOS 6.0.1. This means that the operating system has received several updates and bug fixed. This new version brings several improvements in what concerns some issues with the cellular data usage. If you want to upgrade the latest version, you can do it without worrying for a thing. Developers already figured up a jailbreak version for the iOS 6.0.1. To put things clear, iOS 6.0.1 can be jailbroken using the Redsnow jailbreak tool. However you can also use Snowbreeze 2.9.7 in order to jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 if you don’t like using this jailbreak tool.

Since it is quite a popular jailbreak tool among users, everybody knows how to perform jailbreak on Apple devices using it. However, jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 is designed only for A4-based devices, namely for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th generation. I would also want to mention the fact that jailbreak for iOS 6.0.1 devices is only available in a tethered mode. For those of you who want to start jailbreaking their iOS 6.0.1 devices, this is what you must do:


1. Download Redsnow 0.9.15b3, which works just fine both on Windows and on Mac.


2. Plug in your device to your computer and start the DFU mode.


3. Open the program and wait for it to detect your device.


4. Click on Extras and select the IPSW option. Then you need to select the iOS 6.0 firmware. This step is for those of you who have not upgraded to iOS 6.01 yet.


5. Return to the Redsnow window and select the Jailbreak option in order to start the jailbreak process.


6. Click Next and wait for the program to do its job. During the jailbreak process, you need to place your device in the DFU mode again.


7. Back on the Redsnow menu, click on Extras and select the Just Boot option. This means that you will perform a tethered boot. Each time your device runs out of battery or you accidentally turn it off, you need to redo this last step. Until an untethered jailbreak will be released, we need to stick to this one.


8. In the last part, when the jailbreak process is completed, you will be able to see the Cydia icon on your screen. Now you can say that you performed jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 successfully on your device.


If you followed this step-by-step guide effectively, it means that you now own a brand new jailbroken iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch 4th generation.

Latest Comments
  1. bassam inaty

    i tried many times to jailbreak my iPhone 4, (ios 6.0.1), but it always give me this following message:

    Missing Keys.plist for this build:

    Device : iPhone 2
    ECID : 2023483809039
    Build: iPhone3,1_6.0.1_10A523

    Any help please??

    • Ryan

      that happens to me to every-time!

    • Martin

      You simply have the wrold
      Please check that you have the iPhone3,1_6.0.1_10A523
      And not the 523 version..

      That should fix your problem:)

    • Ethan

      i get the same one but i have ipod 4th gen

    • giuliano

      If you have the iOS 6.0.1.firmware try this. Click on Extras and select the IPSW option. Then you need to select the iOS 6.0 firmware instead of iOS 6.0.1 . And proceed with jailbreaking. I have done that way and succeed. Install the ultrasn0w and ultrasn0w fixer for IOS 6.xx on Cydia. After all this if you don`t get a signal, try downgradind with ipod baseband.

  2. bassam inaty

    i tried many times to jailbreak my iPhone 4, (ios 6.0.1), but it always gives me the following message:
    Missing Keys.plist for this build:
    Device : iPhone 4
    ECID : 2023483809039
    Build: iPhone3,1_6.0.1_10A523
    Any help please??

    • nic

      make sure you in redsn0w select the iOS 6.0 IPSW before running jailbreak (and YES i mean 6.0 – and not 6.0.1). i believe that would do the trick.

      • Char

        THANK YOU NIC!!! I thought I had bricked the phone!! U rock!

      • pedro

        get the same message as nick and yes i have selected 6.0 not 6.0.1 when i try to jailbreak but get the same message the iphone does all jailbreaking process but no cydia on my home screen. what i’m doing wrong?

  3. sagar

    i was looking for unthethered jailbreak for ios 6.0.1.
    since we have only thethered one how long will it take for unthethered jailbreak…

  4. charlie

    how long does it take once you press ” just boot”

    • nic

      2 minutes tops. It sounds a bit to me like you have selected the iOS 6.0 and performed the “jailbreak” button stuff, and now you go back and hit “just boot”, correct? Be sure you “go back” and select the iOS 6.0 IPSW again BEFORE hitting “just boot” button.

      • Donnie

        NIC, you seem to know alot about this stuff. Could you inbox me please? I have a couple questions for you about the iphone 4s… It would be greatly appreciated!! Bear7072@yahoo.com

  5. Joe

    Does this work with iPhone 4S?

    • Dragon

      I was wondering the same, when might the 6.0.1, 4s jail break occur?

      • SHAWN

        ANY WORD ON THAT ?

  6. Yoshi

    Okay….I followed the steps to the T and I still get NOTHING!!! When I load up the ISPW 6.0, then wait 10 min to finish up, I reload up the ISPW and then Just Boot It and wait another 8 minuets and NO CYDIA. Anyone know whats up with this?? I just jb a 6.0 but this damn 6.01 is gettin on my damn nerves!!!!!

    • Kayla

      I can’t get Cydia to load on mine either! everything says it went great and the rest is done on my iPhone, but when I boot it back up, I don’t get Cydia. Anyone know how to fix this?! 6.0.1 sucks!

      • Luke

        Make sure after you jailbreak, you choose the “Extras” option in redsn0w, then the “Just Boot Tethered” option.

  7. zhihan

    i jailbreak it and it loaded , following the steps given on the link , i just boot it and it’s loading for quite a few minutes , the ‘ next ‘ button couldn’t be clicked on . any help or suggestions ?

    • murana

      I have same problem as you – I can’t click next so I cannot finish installing, it’s not pulling me anywhere :/

  8. Shane

    it says, “Missing Keys.plist data for this build:

    Device: iPhone 4-VZW
    ECID: 3827891037484
    Build: iPhone3,3_6.0.1_10A523
    What happened I di everything exactly!

  9. Shane

    how long does it take when u press “Just Boot”

  10. Teri

    Please help :(
    hello, I had jailbroken my iphone 4 to the redsn0w 6.1 with cydia. Everything seem to go fine until I went back into redsn0w to boot tethered and it wouldn’t complete the boot. I tried it again and ran into the same issue. I then decided to reset and erase all settings to remove the jailbreak to restore from a backup, but now I am unable get itunes recognize my iphone. I then tried to boot again but now i’m getting the message (No device detected. You probably misunderstood the instructions.). Would you be able to assist me with this or direct me to the right place, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

    • Poojan

      you can download iOS 6.0.1 in your iphone

    • LANCE

      Put the device into recovery mode. Never erase all settings on jailbroken phones. SHIFT+restore in itunes. Select IPSW.

  11. cer78

    I have done all the steps to jailbreak. I was able to get cydia on my screen but that is the only icon on there. where are all the rest? how do i get all the simple ones like settings and phone on there?? HELP!

  12. Austin

    I’m trying to jailbreak my iPhone which I believe is only a 3G running 6.0.1 and the model # is MC640LL.. The jailbreak either says missing files even if I select the right ispw, or it just gets stuck on the waiting for reboot screen.. I can’t find any jailbreak methods specific to the 3G.. Any help?

    • Eric

      iPhone 3G will not run ios 6.0.1 the latest version it will run is 4.2.1 are you sure you dont have an iPhone 3GS

  13. Richard

    I downloaded the firmware for my device, iphone 4 GSM model, and when i open the the folder to select the ISPW file there isn’t one. Any ideas?

  14. Bart

    every time i try to just boot the phone is getting stuck. 5 times and still no luck.

  15. Yahy

    Is ipad 3 included in the jailbrack ?

  16. mathis greffeuille

    it doesen’t work !!!
    Always after the things , i have to connect it to itune and retaure it !!!

  17. andreas

    ( i select ios6)

    after installing jailbreak
    i go to just boot…
    program say success.. i see pinnaple.. but after 20sec.. apple’s logo come to screen again.. and the phone get stucked.. is not open… if i restart.. no cydia icon on homescreen… any solution why fail to “just boot” i did it 10 times thanks

  18. syed

    does this work on ipad3 ios 6.0.1

  19. Dolores

    My jailbreak in ios 6.0.1 was a success using 6.0 IPSW, Cydia is working fine and I can run tweaks but surprisingly I cannot install any cracked app (.ipa), although they worked ok when I had 6.0 jailbroken. I’ve tried iTools and nothing, heard that appsync is not worth using in 6.0.1. Any ideas?

  20. mike

    Did the Redsnow Trick Loaded cydia Fine, did the reboot tethered, but no sim service, run the snowbreeze patch, now shows my carrier, but searching for signal only… :( any one had problems with their sims or service

  21. mohsin

    jailbreak is not starting i have made phone on dfw mode but how will i select 6.0 firmware when i got to select ispw it browses in my laptop is the firmware in laptop?

  22. brian

    is there still no way to jailbreak iphone 4S cuz says not supported

  23. aaron

    my ipodt4 is stuck on the apple what do i do to fix this?

  24. roby

    hi guys! i got my iphone 3gs upgraded to tethered ios 6.0.1 i have old bootrom but still i can upgrade it. the thing is i can’t turn off my phone or else it will go lock again.. i accidentally restart it and it stuck on the apple logo.. please someone help me how to boot tethered my phone.. :(

    • canbruce

      restart using simultaneously pressing both home button and sleep button.It will restart again .IF u keep pressing both it will be detected in itunes and u can do restored or else after restart wait for some time(more time than normally it takes)

  25. bikash

    can we restore all settings (in normal state) after the tethered redsnow jailbroke? if i don’t like tethered jailbroken iphone at last, is there any way to restore my iphone to its original state or can we remove cydia?

  26. esthertiniak

    ca marche pas pour le 4s ?

  27. Bineesh

    For jailbreaking ios 6.01,which ipsw is we needed,6.01or 6.0…..?

  28. Joseph

    I recently downloaded Redsn0w onto my computer… I went through the steps fine to “Jailbreak it” . After that I needed to “Just boot tethered”… So I did , but there was always an error message popping up, such as: Expliot failed ; And the Missing keys error. I tried repeatedly to boot it back up with redsn0w. I’m using 6.0 for the IPSW. And jailbreaking my ipod 4th gen. (6.0.1) . The boot doesn’t work. So I finished trying to figure out how to do it. After that I go back onto my ipod and load up Safai , but it won’t load up, it just kicks me out of it everytime. Even other apps with Google. I try watching a video on how to fix it , but the video won’t load!! Please help me with this!! I don’t want my iPod to be non-usable , because of failure to Jailbreak. Please help if your not to busy. Thanks.

  29. colin

    ive tried redsnow its not working for my ipod touch 4 gen ios 6.1 what do i do to get cydia

  30. Thomas

    I have jailbreaked it and followed the instructions correctly but for some reason it wont let me open it on my ipod 4 generation. Can anyone help me sort this out please?
    version: 6.1 (10B144)

  31. Martin

    Hi, i recently jailbreaked my ipad 1 which was running on ios 5.1.1. (untethered) few days ago i downloaded and installed an app but it wouldn’t open so i plugged it in on redsnow to rejailbreak it. i accidentally pressed “just boot” and now my ipad’s dead. please tell me the truth is my ipad dead or can i still fix this???

  32. white man

    I had been just wondering basically even could upgrade it ios 7 and just how to get it done because after i look for update it keeps it on 6.3.1 or whatever. Is ios 7 only for more recent gen products? Thanks.

  33. Michael C

    i up-to-date to ios 5 after i been with them formerly jailbreaked with battery percentage. now on ios 5 i’ve battery percentage. is the fact that normal?

  34. Marlon P

    I’ve got a ipod device touch. The iOS was 4.2 and so i upgraded the iOS to six.1.3. Since I attempt to sync my itouch only 4 from 700+ tunes show on my itouch however, all 700+ tunes show on my iTunes. Additionally, when syncing my itouch, it appears as though it is not completely syncing because you will find usually 6 steps it requires to sync. Mine syncing stops at 4 of 6 each time. So what can I actually do to obtain my tunes and playlists back onto my itouch? Thanks.

  35. Salam

    Around the last operating-system i’d my mac on I possibly could switch to screen to negative be pressing control+option+command+8. After i installed IOS Lion it did not work any longer. What is the method of doing it for that new system?

  36. balinderk2000

    So I wish to download this application in my ipad 1 however it requires ios 6 or later. I possess the latest update in my ipad that is ios 5.1.1 and that i have looked the web to find away out to download ios 6 to my ipad however it appears impossible. And So I question basically could make this application think I acquired ios 6 in some manner. I’ve jailbroken my Ipad just in case it is necessary. I’d be really grateful to have an response to this.

  37. friendly 4

    I did previously possess a jailbroken apple iphone 3gs that used cydia however i have lately bought a Rim and no more require the jail break.

    I wish to upgrade my ios in order to save me needing to buy an ipod device.

    How do i do that?

  38. supernerd567

    I accidentally downloaded the new ios 4 last evening also it removed everything. Whenever I attempt to revive it reinstates towards the same desltop with Game Center. I would like to return to the initial firmware or OS it included. Is it feasible? Each time I restore, it reinstates for an old apple iphone that accustomed to sync to that particular computer.

  39. Andrew S

    I’ve got a 4G 32gb ipod device Touch and i’m attempting to upgrade to iOS 5. It’s been a few days before it’s arrived on the scene and so i would expect that Apple fixed their servers in the release. Any help? BTW my internet is okay and absolutely nothing occasions out?

  40. Sophia C

    I have attempted upgrading my apple iphone 3rd generation to the new ios 4, however the backup takes FOREVER. So usually I finish up, simply not upgrading it, ’cause I truly not have the persistence.

    What is the simplest and fastest method to update my apple iphone 3rd generation to the new ios 4, without losing the data on my cell phone?

    And how come it take such a long time to begin with?

  41. Kaylla

    I introduced an apple iphone off eBay that was jailbroken to the new ios 4.1 from America. It had been jailbroken and so i can use my british sim. It was locked to AT&T network. I wish to update the telephone to iOS 5 but i’m not sure basically can perform that with no original sim. I additionally don’t wish to risk it and discover I can not utilize it like a phone. Any suggestions?

  42. Marlon P

    I cant sync my phone since i been with them synced to a different computer that no more works. Can One do An Iclouud backup around the beta, then downgrade to ios 6.Then update to ios 7,next obtain the iCloud backup I produced from the beta? Or shall we be held just screwed? Help Me!

    Can One get into itunes and click on look for update without m phone syncing?

  43. Taylor G

    Hello there. I am thinking about buying an Apple Factory Unlocked apple iphone 4s soon, and that i only agreed to be wondering what form of ios will include it. Interesting time.

  44. maskills24

    How do i see what iOS im presently using?

    Basically install new OS, wouldn’t it remove my applications/tunes/vid on my small ipad?

  45. Mc L

    Also, will it be up-to-date to the actual iOS 6 if this arrives?

  46. norrin_shadowwolf

    So I am presently upgrading my apple iphone 5 to ios 7. From my phone. It states 7 hrs however that appears too lengthy, how lengthy will it take?

  47. clntvrrt

    What’s the best iOS to make use of when jail breaking an apple iphone 5?

  48. Joey 01

    I simply got an apple iphone 4 and that i was told it’s qualified for ios 6, there is however no “software update” option between “about” and “usage” within the general portion of the configurations menu. My ios at this time is 4.2.6 I believe it is a brand-new phone.

  49. Jason M

    I needed to be aware what time does iOS 6 emerge. Whether it was 12 Eastern time I’d hang on to download it, but when it had been 12 western time i would not hang on.

  50. Miguel M

    i’ve got a apple iphone 3gs running ios 3 and it is jailbroken unlocked. I wish to update it but must keep it jailbroken. How do i update it to ios 5.1.1 without wiping it or losing the jailbreak

  51. Shay H

    I wish to update my phone to ios 6 NOT Ios 7 (im presently ios 5.1.1) however i have no clue how an after i use itunes it keeps saying apple iphone is not qualified for asked for build

    Any ideas?

  52. have faith

    I wish to install an apple iphone application on my small apple iphone 4 however it requires me to upgrade my iOs and I’d rather not do this because it makes my phone reduced previously.

    Does anybody know a means I’m able to install that application with no iOs upgrade?

  53. mmminja

    My iPhone’s been causing problems, and I haven’t got the cash to obtain a brand new one incase it stops working. Can there be anyway I’m able to run iOS applications on my small Mac laptop Professional?

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